Game Ideas: Under Cover

Your guests will be wearing brown paper bags over their heads...find out why!

1 Brown Paper Bag for each guest

How to Play the Game
Give each guest a brown paper bag that will fit over their head. Tell them they’re not allowed to talk until the game is completely over. They are safe when they are tapped on the head and can sit quietly until the game is over.

Each guest is requested to put their brown paper bag over their head. The spokesperson or bride then asks them to remove one article from themselves. It could be a ring, watch, shoe, hair jewellery; the smart guests are those who just remove the bag!

The guests who remove their bag will be tapped on the head and that means they just watch while the others continue removing items from themselves. The game ends when the last guest removes her brown bag and figures out you are all watching her strip. That guest WINS (the dummy prize) for being a good sport!