Craft Ideas: Wedding Day Cone Petals

The tradition of throwing something at the bridal couple as they leave the ceremony is a symbol of good wishes for a happy marriage.

Originally rice and wheat were thrown over the married couple to represent the hope for fertility.

When dried and fresh petals are thrown before the bride as she walks down the aisle, it is to ward-off evil spirits below the ground and grant fertility.

The petals are biodegradable and easily carried away by the wind. Simple paper cones, bearing a special verse or couples name and wedding date, can be handed to guests as they leave the church ceremony.

• 8 ½” x 11” sheets of decorative printable paper
• Computer with basic publishing software; printer
• Scissors with deckle-edge blade
• Tape Roller
• Dried flower petals

1. Create a letter-size document, using publishing software. Center the verse or names of the bridal couple and wedding date, beginning about 2.5 cm from the top of the page. Use an elegant font, 14 to 18 point size; select a colour. Print the paper keeping in mind one paper for each cone.

2. Draw a light pencil line across each paper 7.5 cm from the bottom of the page. Mark points 7.5 cm from the top on both sides, and draw diagonal lines from the points to the centre to top. Cut just inside the lines, using scissors with deckle-edge blade. Also re-cut the left edge with the deckle scissors.

3. Mark the center of the lower edge with a short crease. Roll the paper into a cone, with the printing on the inside and the deckled left edge on the outside; the side corners should overlap slightly. Hold the cone, with lapped corners down, against the work surface, so the decked side edge lays flat. Apply a line of tape from a rolling dispenser along the deckled side edge. Wrap and secure the flap to the cone.

4. Decorate cones with button or ribbon and fill them with dried petals. Have ushers hand Wedding Day Petal Cones out to guests as they leave the church to be used instead of rice to throw at the bridal couple.