Game Ideas: The Price is Right

Guess the price of the items, closest to the right amount without going over wins!

Label six or seven household items numerically (1, 2, 3 etc.) and place them on a table. Place pens and paper for every guest participating. Get them to fill in their names at the top of the paper and then have each guest write numbers one to seven on the paper.

Ask the guests to look at each item and guess the price of it and mark it in the appropriate numbered spot on the paper. Descriptions of the items are recommended just incase guests get mixed up with the number sequence. Ask guests to place their answer sheets in a box and collect them when you decide the contest is over. 

Check your friends’ guesses against the correct product amount and add the total. Remember, the guest who answers the closest to the price for each item, without going over, gets the point.

For example Judy is closest with item one, Suzy is closest with item two, Veronica is closest with item three. They now each have 1 point. If there is a tie, the finalists need to have their guesses totaled for all items. The closest to the real overall price, without going over, wins!