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Tips for Creating a Photo Story

We capture our values, love and heritage in our photos in an ever-growing assortment of beautiful ways. In the end, we are left with precious moments captured in time, destined to be locked away in drab albums that will rarely capture or do justice to that special day. Does this sound like you? The solution is to choose a theme and organize your photos in such a way that they tell a story about your day. 
My number one suggestion is to organize and get acquainted with your photographs. This will help you tell the story of your wedding in just the way you remember it. Organizing photos in themes also offers an inventive new way to preserve your stories for generations.

As you familiarize yourself with the photographs and memorabilia, label and list them for organizational purposes (Tip: Use a labeling pencil and briefly describe the memory that the photo inspires). The key is to capture the emotion and the beauty of the celebration into your wedding album. You could use historical facts, receipts, movie stubs, first love letters and personal anecdotes to accentuate your photos. Get creative and remember that there are no boundaries.
Decide which pictures you would like to incorporate in your album and consider enlarging a few of your favourite ones to emphasize a particular moment. Bringing attention to an enlarged photo is a great design element that will bring interest to the page layout.
A collection of photographs and stories in albums is one way to actively call-up our own happy memories and amplify positive emotions for others to share in.

~ Irene Ferris
Scrap-booking Expert
email: [email protected]