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-A game of quick wits, skill and knowledge-

Babble is a game that is a simple and effective way to get people drinking and talking.

First, you select a topic (i.e. Names of cities, Names of countries, Names of rivers, Names of celebrities etc.) The first player names a word within the category starting with the letter “A”, the person to the left must name a word in the same category starting with the letter “B” and so on through the alphabet.

Every time someone fails to answer, that person has to take a drink. If someone fails to answer than the play continues to the next person on the left having to use the same letter.

If a player can come up with a name that has the same letter in the first and last name (Mike Myers) than play is reversed. At least two members of the group must recognize any names in question, if not recognized the player must come up with another name.

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