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At The Ring Bearer.ca we believe cultural identity does not have to be an individualistic preference. Having a wedding with many cultural influences is a great way to experience new and wonderful traditions and experience what makes humanity so special. Join us in breaking down some of the world’s barriers by celebrating these unique differences we have with love and friendship.

Scandinavian Wedding Traditions: Swedish Traditions

• The bride received three rings. All three rings are traditionally gold and have no gemstones in them. The first ring the bride received from the groom on her engagement represents the promise of marriage. The second ring was given by the groom during the wedding ceremony and represents her marriage to him and the third ring, slipped on the bride’s finger by her husband at the ceremony, represents her motherhood.

• The bride’s parents will tuck money into the bride’s shoes. The father contributes a silver coin to the left shoe and the mother contributes a gold coin to the right shoe. The shoes are left untied in the belief it will ensure childbirth

Scandinavian Wedding Traditions:
Viking Traditions