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At The Ring Bearer.ca we believe cultural identity does not have to be an individualistic preference. Having a wedding with many cultural influences is a great way to experience new and wonderful traditions and experience what makes humanity so special. Join us in breaking down some of the world’s barriers by celebrating these unique differences we have with love and friendship.


-Enchanted and whimsical, this ancient art inspires the imagination and showcases a culture.-

Middle Eastern weddings are lavish and colourful affairs, rich in ceremonial tradition, culture and most of all community. With cultures intermingling everyday, many people are choosing to use Middle Eastern customs within their ceremonies. One of these affluent features gaining popularity within the Western World is Henna tattooing.

Henna is a traditional non-permanent organic paste that dyes the skin. A henna artist will use the paste to create simple or intricate patterns similar to traditional permanent tattooing. Typically, most henna artist create designs on the fly, there is no pattern or grid system they copy - making it truly artistic.

Henna has been used for many centuries dating back to its original roots within Egypt. It was here that henna paste would be used medicinally for skin problems, cosmetically as make-up and for ceremonial celebrations.

Surprisingly, henna continues to be used in the same ways it has been for centuries. Celebrities like, Madonna, Darryl Hanna, Cameron Diaz, and Demi Moore (to name a few) have brought this ancient art, middle easterners have been practicing for decades, back into pop-culture.

Natural henna will dye your skin in hues of orange to dark brown depending on the concentration of the henna and the length of time it has been on your skin. While henna may come in different colours, keep in mind that coloured henna has been chemically treated and may counteract the naturally organic good it does for your skin and body.

A henna tattoo can last on the skin for about a month - depending on how often you wash the area. You should allow the henna paste to sit on your skin for a minimum of 4-6 hours, you will notice the henna begins to crack and peel. At this point, pick off the dried henna paste; do not try to wash it off.

The price for a henna tattoo depends on the complexity of the design and how much of your body you are intending to cover with the henna paste. The average price for both hands (top and bottom) to be covered is approximately $40-$60, but you can choose to have your whole body covered, it is really up to you. The time required for application again will depend on complexity and coverage, our model only took 45 minutes for her session.

Give henna tattooing a try, you will be amazed by the artwork created before your eyes and how quickly these amazing artists work.