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Discover Your Body Shape

Discover your body shape and find the gown that will look stunning on you: Compare your shape to some of the women in Hollywood. I bet you will be surprised by the results!

The search for the perfect wedding gown should start with you…and your unique figure and shape! A gown that compliments your body shape should make you look glamorous and feel comfotable on your wedding day!

But how do you know what body shape you are?
Body shape is determined by our framework and where we carry our weight. Each body type will have its own fashion dos and don’ts. Here is a guideline to help you find your body shape and what dress styles would most flatter your figure for your wedding day!

How To Find Your Body Shape
- Keep in mind that this is just a general guideline.
- Stand in front of a full mirror and have a good look at yourself.
- Draw a line on the mirror with a crayon or chalk horizontally (largest point) from shoulder to shoulder. (You may want a friend to do this.)
- Draw another line across from the largest points on your hip.
- Draw a line across from the narrowest points of your waist.
- Connect the lines vertically. A shape will appear. Look below and find out which shape best describes your body! This is your figure type.

There are four basic figure types that come in a variety of sizes depending on your weight and height.

1. The Pear Shape 
• You’re bottom heavy, meaning your upper body may be smaller than your lower body. however, the real test for pear-shapes is having your thigh measurement across both thighs that are wider than your hip measurement. You are very much the same shape as an hourglass but your thighs are larger.
• Your weight gain is mostly in your hips and thighs.
• Best wedding gown styles for pear shape figures are A-line, ball gown or princess cut gowns.
• Avoid high and boat necklines. A fitted bodice in combination with an a-line skirt will work best with your figure type. You can easily wear strapless, halter or a circular neckline. Show off your upper body, if it is slim.
• Embellishments should be on the top half of the gown. Avoid pleats at the waist as they make the hips appear wider. Avoid straight and bias cut skirts.
• Celebrities with pear shaped bodies are: Kiera Knightly, Kristin Davis, Amanda Peet, Beyonce, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Shakira.

2. The Triangle Shape
• You’re top heavy, meaning your upper-body is noticeably larger than your lower body - triangles have a large torso and broad shoulders. You have slimmer legs and hips in proportion to your upper body.
• You gain most of your weight in your waist, back and chest.
• Triangle body types should avoid halters and off the shoulder or boat neck styles as they accentuate your large shoulders.
• Scoop or v-necklines work better with your figure type as they soften and elongate your neckline and make you appear slimmer.
• An empire waist draws attention to your smallest area just below the bust line. A-line styles balance your bottom half with your top. Avoid heavily embellished bodices as they add weight to your figure on top.
• Celebrities with Triangular shaped body types are: Elizabeth Hurley, Tyra Banks, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Dolly Parton and Drew Barrymoore.

3. The Hourglass Shape
• You have a well defined bust line and hips that are fairly proportioned. You often have slim arms and smaller shoulders. You’re curvy with an emphasis on a thinner waist line.
• If you were to gain weight, it would be distributed evenly right to your curves.
• Hourglass figure types should show off those curves. Your shape is proportioned so you can pull off a lot of different gown styles. Sheath, mermaid, trumpet, a-line, ball gown; you name it you can wear it. Two piece dresses and corset bodices look great on your figure type as they enhance your curves. Strapless or off-the-shoulder neckline looks fabulous on an hourglass shape.
• Avoid heavily beaded dresses as they make you appear larger.
• Celebrities with hourglass body types are: Lauren Conrad, Katherine Heigl, Kim Cattrall, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Kirstie Alley and Salma Hayek.

4. The Rectangle Shape
• Your figure is straight up and down with very little curves. Your waist is not well defined. Your body is often considered to be athletic or skinny. Skinny bodies, whether tall or petite, often have small chests.
• If you gain weight it would be distributed evenly throughout your frame.
• Rectangle Shapes can wear sheath, empire or structured corseted styles with a fuller skirt (ball gown or princess gown). Wider necklines with a fitted bodice create a v-shape. Embellishments on the top or rouching/ruffles in the skirt can add definition as long as you only do it to one half of the gown.
• You want to create the illusion of curves.  If you are tall, a bias cut fabric will hug your body, creating shape. Avoid anything that makes you look boxy.
• Celebrities with rectangular shaped bodies are: Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan.

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