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Dreams come true because of motivation, hard work and determination. Daniella has all these qualities and the support of a loving sister, Michelle.

Dreams come true because of motivation, hard work and determination. Daniella has all these qualities and the support of a loving sister, Michelle. Together as a dynamic duo, they have triumphed over life’s challenges and are making their mark in the wedding industry with Daniella Couture.

Danielle was sixteen, unmarried and pregnant. She had not finished high school; the dream of being a designer hadn’t even entered her mind.  She was thinking about how she would take care of her new baby (Michelle Junior named after Danielle's older sister). As soon as she was able, Danielle went back to high school and completed her Ontario Secondary School Diploma with honours. Then Daniella applied and was accepted into the DeVry Institute of Technology and Design graduating with a business degree.  Thereafter, Danielle started work in the garment industry as a business executive.

Out of necessity, as a single mother trying to save a dollar, Danielle started sewing for herself and her daughter. Inspired by her creations she decided she wanted to pursue a career in fashion design. With the support of her sister, who always was her biggest fan, Danielle applied to the Toronto Academy of Design and Technology and graduated from the fashion design program.

Danielle worked along side prominent designers in the fashion industry for a decade before her sister Michelle, encouraged her to open her own fashion house.  Hollywood Beauties, her first label, included custom ready-wear and evening gowns. It did extremely well but Danielle wanted to focus on the design element of the bridal wear industry. Danielle loved the romance and fairytale story behind each bride, customizing a gown to reflect this allowed her to be more innovative. Two years ago, Danielle and Michelle (also her business partner), opened a bridal house under the label, Daniella Couture

Danielle’s first two bridal collections are called The Dream Collection and The Dorion Collection. The Dream collection was based on her sister Michelle ideal wedding gown and The Dorion Collection was named after Danielle’s new last name. (Did I mention Danielle is getting married this summer and will have her own fairytale wedding on a tropical island?)

Daniella Couture is known for meticulous workmanship using fine silks, handmade laces and crystal beading all sewn by European seamstresses. Each gown is custom made for every bride with the option to personalize it to suit her. Fine fabrics and special attention to detail and fit creates the couture experience without the cost. Gowns range from $1,200 to $5,000 in price. Danielle’s and Michelle’s sensibility is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to have good quality.

This season, Daniella Couture's bridal collection reflects the body-conscientious consumer. “The bride still wants a fairytale dress but also wants to show off her figure. Dropped waist styles that are fitted with flounce bottoms in mermaid or trumpet silhouettes are very popular,” says Daniella. “Colour is in. Flowers appliquéd in soft blue organza and sashes or lace-up straps through back of dress in the matching bridesmaid’s gown colour are now being incorporated into the brides dress. Shades of ivory, pink and champagne add a radiant glow to any bride. This year many of our gowns will have built in trains."

 In fall of 2008 Daniella Couture will launch a collection of bridesmaids and mother- of-the-bride gowns.  The salon also carries an extensive line of shoes and accessories including hair jewellery. “Hair jewellery is very popular this year with my brides. Many of them prefer it over a veil.”

Recommendations from Danielle

Picking a Bridal Gown

• Pick a gown you love, it’s your day! The more opinions the harder to choose, so go with one or two close family members to help pick your gown. Your mother and sister or best friend are good choices.

• Pick a gown you can move in comfortably. Try sitting, standing and walking around in it. If the skirt is heavy at that time, it will be even heavier after wearing it all day. Consider that when choosing.

• Make sure your gown has clips for the train that can be attached easily.
• Ask for hidden straps on a strapless gown; at the reception, you can put them on while dancing.

• Order your bride and bridal party gowns a year in advance if possible. I can accommodate dresses ordered up to four months in advance but it makes it a lot more rushed for everyone involved.

Plus Size Brides
• Sample sizes range from size 6 to 14 at my salon.

• A-line medium skirt is flattering on a fuller figure.

•  An Empire waist style with no cuts or pleats on the bodice creates the illusion of length and showcases the smallest area on most women (just under the bust line).

• Pick classic styles with less beading and intricate detail.

Picking a Bridesmaids Gown
• The bride should bring one or two people with her that would be supportive for the first appointment when selecting for her bridal party.

• There are so many different ways to make the bridesmaids all have their own unique look but still complement each other. One option is to choose a colour like pink and do monochromatic shades of that colour for each bridesmaid’s gown.  Another idea, just to name a few, is having the same dress for each girl in the same colour but different necklines.

• Dress length is important for the bridesmaids. If the dress is floor length add a clip for the train. The last thing a bridesmaid needs is to be tripping over her gown. Mid-calf styles are popular right now.

Destination Wedding Gowns
• There are so many fabrics that work well for gowns when traveling; a favourite of mine is silk taffeta. It’s great to travel with as it can be steamed in a bathroom and the wrinkles will fall out of the gown.

• For the brides who wants a fairytale gown on the beach, choose fabrics that are not too heavy. Skirts done in a medium-width are perfect as they create enough fullness for the look.

• Choose a gown with a built-in train.

• Have fun with colour. Gowns in ivory and blush look beautiful in a tropical setting. Add a sash or flowers to the bridal gown in the bridesmaids colour.

• When traveling, don’t separate from your dress. Have it wrapped up professionally at the salon you purchase it from. Carry it on the airplane with you. Arrange to have a steward/stewardess store it in a closet on the plane.

The future is just beginning for Danielle and Michelle. Over the next ten years they plan to open another fashion house and have a flagship store in the heart of Toronto. Daniella’s hard work made her dream come true! Both partners haven’t forgotten the road to their success and want to keep the core values of there company the same no matter how long they are in the industry. Michelle and Danielle believe in being honest and providing excellence in service and quality at an affordable price. This will always be there goal.

 “Really listening to our brides and providing a personalized experience to every unique bride is what makes a difference. Every bride has their own story and so does every dress we make. Every bride deserves a fairy tale wedding and we are so happy we can be part of making that dream come true,” says Daniella.

Daniella Couture gowns can be viewed by appointment-only. 
Email: [email protected]  or call Daniella Couture 416-708-5002

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