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Lady Luck Touches Ring Winner

Congratulations to ELISABETH PORRETTA, the winner of TheRingBearer.ca ring giveaway.

It was as if Lady Luck played favouritism with this gorgeous girl. The circumstances that took place in order for her to win TheRingBearer.ca $7000 ring giveaway was so tightly weaved that it could rival M. Night Shyamalan’s detail-oriented and intricate story-telling. Elisabeth Porretta’s luck was so unbelievable to most, that it seemed like the ring was destined to be around her finger.

To appreciate her luck, you must have an understanding of the rules. In determining the contest winner, five names are chosen; the first person chosen is the prize winner. The conceding chosen names after the first name are default winners. To claim the prize, there is a window of opportunity in which the winner has five days to contact TheRingBearer.ca. In saying so, Elisabeth’s name was the second name chosen.

In the short history of TheRingBearer.ca ring giveaway contest, there has never been a winner that has ever conceded the opportunity to win the ring. In this contest, however, the first chosen individual never checked the TheRingBearer.ca. The very moment Elisabeth’s name was posted, she suddenly had the inkling to check who won the ring. She waited until her state of euphoria subsided and then called TheRingBearer.ca and here we are reading all about her experience.

Elisabeth is not just another pretty face; when you first meet her, you will feel like you’re in the presence of class. She recently graduated from school and is now trying her hand at event and wedding planning (ask us how to contact her).

We, at TheRingBearer.ca, hope to continue getting deserving and gracious winners; Elisabeth displayed that by greeting us with a grand smile and a glossy-eyed reaction when she received the $7000 Pave style diamond ring.  In hindsight of her excitement, she told all her relatives – she was also ready to visit her uncle’s place to showcase the ring on the day we delivered it. That day, she was reminiscent of a kid on Christmas morning. It’s that kind of reaction that makes our contests worth doing.