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They are finally here! If you are looking for the hottest trends for 2008 this is the article to read.

The 2008, lucky number is eight, so naturally the special day will be 08.08.08 or August 8th, 2008. It represents eternity in the Chinese culture with the joining of two loops that never end.


Vivid strong colours are back. Pale pastels and washed out colors of last year are being replaced with bright yellows, tangerine oranges, sea foam greens and tropical blues. Color is clear and vibrant.

Yellow is the hottest colors in the industry for 2008 and is a great choice for a bride’s wedding. It is considered the color of happiness. It is bright like the sunshine and brings feelings of warmth and joy to those that wear it. Yellow stands out on it’s own but can be soft if used as an accent; it also compliments many other colors very nicely. Yellows and white with an added complimentary color like robin's egg blue can be crisp and fresh; while tertiary colors like yellow, blue and green can give a summer wedding a citrus feel. Monochromatic colors like mustard yellows, oranges and deep browns can add warmth to a fall wedding. Adding metallic silver can add drama to a festive season or a winter wedding.


Green weddings are bigger than ever. As the planet becomes a political issue the wedding industry and conscientious brides and grooms alike, are making the changes needed to sustain a better environment. Your big day is full of opportunities to make GREEN decisions. Consider using organic flowers, recycled stationary paper for invitations, local and organic foods at your reception and even making a donation to a GREEN charity in lieu of favours. Each step can make a difference in this world!

At TheRingBearer.ca we value the environment, that is why we are rewarding vendors within our Directory that conform to green standards with a special green friendly badge. That way brides looking for services will know they are choosing someone looking to preserve our ecology.  This feature will be coming soon for 2008!

WEDDING GOWN (See Bridal Gown)
According to Andrea Anastasiou of White Toronto, this year gowns will have a smaller silhouette than before, reflective of the body conscious consumer. Fabrication will be more delicate with silk tulle, soft cotton tulle, silk charmeuse and lace. The cuts are done in a modern way with mitered edges. Open backs and elements of skin showing through nude liners will dawn the runways for spring. Embellishments are strategically placed like jewellery. Beadwork under the bust line looks like a vintage necklace. Vintage broaches and long vintage necklaces are all the rage. Dress clips are now being worn in the hair to create lovely decorative elements. Veils are still in style as it creates the finishing touches to the ensemble. The look of combining the long skinny dress and the cathedral veil creates a beautiful juxtaposition of the bride floating down the aisle.”

Another noteworthy trend this year in the area of bridal wear is the pocket gown that has made a splash onto the runway. Brides are sporting a classic gown with side pockets that adds an element of fun and allows the bride to create a relaxing pose when having her pictures taken.

Pictured Above under Bridal Gowns:
1) Badgley Mischka
2) Ann Barge
3) Carmela Sutera
4) Badgley Mischka

Up and Down hairstyles! Yes, that is the trend! Brides will wear their hair down for the service and then up for the reception. It is a great way for a bride to give herself a fresh new look and allow her to go from sophisticated to romantic with very little effort.

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Popular right now with bridal couples is letterpress-printing for wedding stationery.  Letterpress-printed stationery has an air of elegance and craftsmanship when preformed by a skilled craftsperson. Letterpress stationery creates a tactile beauty and legibility that is unmatched by modern printing methods.

Letterpress-printing is a form of relief printing that was first used by the early Chinese who carved letters and images in wood blocks for printing. In the 15th century, John Gutenberg of Germany, known as the father of letterpress, invented a movable type: individually-cast and reusable letters that can be set together to form words. The raised letters were then inked and pressed into paper. 

Today, Shelley Weir - the owner and craftsperson of Sweet Peony Press - creates beautiful letterpress stationery that is designed digitally and then printed from a single photopolymer plate on a 1916 Chandler and Price New Style Platen Press. Shelley says, “The press is powered by a foot treadle and the energy of the operator. Each piece of paper is hand-fed into the press, one sheet at a time and one color at time. Printing inks are hand –mixed to create the chosen colours to match any colour reference supplied by the client”
Shelley says, “When you hold a piece of letterpress printing in your hand, you will immediately understand. It is as if all the attention and care taken to print each piece can be seen and felt on the page"

For more on letter press invitations, visit www.sweetpeonypress.com

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Make a statement and make it personal to your wedding – help your guests get to the table to find their assigned seats using card display holders made out of elements in nature. A bed of cat grass; a flower bed; vegetable patch; a leafy blanket; anything that covers the table that you can arrange your cards in.

Create a framed board using your wedding colors to display your place cards or a hanging display that symbolizes a theme in your wedding. Use elements in your surroundings to create place card displays. If you are getting married in an outdoor venue create a place card for each table set in pieces of wood. To personalize your guest’s place card, include a special thought, wish or love verse on the reverse side.


Monogrammed initials done tastefully can add an element of surprise and personalize a space. The bride and grooms initials are showing up on wedding stationery, aisle runners, reception entry doors, dance floors, favour boxes, table decorations and even the bottom of the bride and grooms shoes. In the case of monograms less is more – so picking one or two element to monogram will make a statement as opposed to monogramming everything.

A trend that is quickly catching on with brides is the wedding website. It is one of the most effective ways to keep your bridal party and guests informed about the practical details of your special day. It is also the ideal place for guests to ask questions and send you their best wishes.

TheRingbearer.ca offers a FREE wedding website for, “wedding members” to showcase and share their special photographs and information with their guests. The couple determines who can view the website and can edit information twenty-four hours a day. The site allows you to keep a precious record of your day and is a greener alternative to print material.

Favours or small gifts, given as a form of appreciation to the guests of the wedding, are given out today with much more personal meaning then in years gone by. Bridal couples are making very personalized and conscientious choices about how they want to express thanks. Here are a few trendy ideas for 2008.

• A donation made to a favorite charity in the guests name or in honour of someone who has passed on.

• A small potted tree, packaged seeds, and bulbs can be used to plant in gardens - place in canvas sack, tie with a ribbon and attach a thank you tag.

• Personalized sprinkle cupcakes

• Chocolates with date of wedding and verse of thanks from bride and groom

• Gifts that relate to a theme, if you are having a candy bar a candy bowl favour is appropriate.

• Personalize a wine bottle with customized labels, done by a professional, so they look authentic

• Local favours – honey from a local meadow, jams from fresh berries in the area or maple sugar candies from the local sugar bush. Add labels and stickers to convey a personalized message; every time the guest uses the favour they will be reminded of your special day and where it was.

FOOD AND WINE (See Food and Wine)
Stations with tantalizing bite size appetizers and comfort foods are popular again this year. Organic dishes are the trend, presented in a culinary fashion, as well as dishes from the bride and grooms cultural background are being paired with appropriate wines to serve for their special day. Ice bars, ice bottle chillers, ice drink luges for signature drinks and ice specialty shooter bars are a trend that can add a spectacular element to the venue. (Click here for more ICE BARS)

For dessert and all the rage in the wedding industry right now, are the nostalgic and charming sprinkled cupcakes and petit fours. These small wonders finish any main course with sweet flair! The cupcakes can be customized in a variety of colours and flavours to suit the bridal couple’s guests’ palates. The petit fours are bite size desserts that can be placed out on a sampler dessert plate with a fruit tartlet in lieu of classic cake.

Pictured Above under Food Wine:
1) Chucked Oysters
2) 2002 Massi Reserve, Red
3) Bite Sized Grilled Cheese
4) Personal Sized Cupcakes


Why end the night – brides and grooms are continuing the party by hiring a DJ to work late hours after the formal reception. The venue location is sometimes changed to a local lounge and the guests are usually provided with late-night appetizers or a candy bar to keep them going. (Click here for more on Candy Bars)