The New Guest Book

Instead of having a traditional guest book, which usually ends up in the back of your closet long after the wedding, incorporate one or more of these unique ideas for your guests to leave their mark.

Blessing Jar: Decorate a large glass jar to suit the wedding theme. Have card stock, envelopes, and pens laid out on the table. Guests write messages on the card stock and their names on the envelope. Messages are placed inside the envelope and then inside the jar. The bride and groom can open a message each day after the wedding.  

Video Message: Video messages are fun to watch over and over again. Guests can let their true personalities show – funny, serious or heart-warming.

Photo-Booth: A photo-booth or Polaroid snapshot will leave you with lasting images from your wedding day. Photo’s can be scrap-booked and personal messages can be added.  

Photograph Message: Have photographs specially framed with blank area around them. Have stickers, pens and other decorative materials for guests to write a uniquely personal message on the frame.  

Scrapbook: Before the wedding create a scrapbook of your courtship. Include photos you have with guests who are attending. Leave lots of blank spaces, and even a few blank pages with room for your guests to leave a message or write about memories.  

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