Midnight Snacks: Sweet Treats

Keep your guests partying all night long with these sweet midnight reception snack ideas.

Milk and Cookies:
Have waiters walk around the dance floor with trays of cookies and mini-glasses of milk. Guests can keep on dancing while they’re having their snack.  








Ice Cream:
Ice cream can be served in so many ways. Have a sit-down sundae that’s brought to the table; or ice cream bars and popsicles handed out to the guests; or bring in an ice cream stand where guests can create their own flavour.  








Mini-doughnuts: Another easy-to-serve treat that can be passed around the dance floor. In many cities, you can rent mini-doughnut carts that will make them fresh at the reception.  








A treat to please any guest’s palate. Biscotti come in variety of flavours and sizes – from chocolate dipped to sugar coated, they’ll keep any party on a sweet note.








If you’re having a large dinner and dessert, chocolate is the best treat to serve. Even if your guests are stuffed from dinner, we’re sure they’ll find room for a specialty chocolate.


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