Flower Colours: What They Mean

Hidden meanings behind your favourite flower colours.

Blue: While light blue is a symbol of anxiety over problems such as money and health, Turquoise can mean fulfillment for those with great intelligence.

Dark Red: Symbolizes constancy, continuity and immortality.

Green: Expresses joy and optimism.

Lilac: Represents a sincere love, without the need for anything in return. It can refer to the love felt for lovers, family or friends.

Orange: A colour that symbolizes the joy and satisfaction for a success already obtained. On a more sentimental note it may also represent a love that has already been consolidated and gratified.

Red: Too hot to handle, red is the expression of burning, passionate love, great courage and desire. But beware it's also the symbol of anger.

Rose: The colour rose (or pink) is a symbol of youth and expresses a new love or admiration.

Violet: Expresses feelings of modesty, generosity and humility.

Is the symbol of purity, innocence and modesty and expresses a sincere feeling. White can also be used when someone is waiting for news.

Yellow: Though commonly associated with unfaithfulness and treason, don't despair if you come home with yellow petals because it can also be the symbol of luxury, pride and success.

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