The Secret Language of Flowers

Before you select flowers for your bouquet, learn their hidden meanings.

As symbols of beauty and fertility, bridal bouquets have been a part of wedding ceremonies for centuries.  

Neat Fact: In early England, spectators often tore away bits of the bride’s clothing, headdress and flowers for luck. In self-defence, the bride would toss her bouquet. Thus, the tradition of the bouquet toss began in hopes the maiden who caught the bouquet would be the next to marry.   Here’s a sampling of the secret language of flowers:  

Amaranth - Unfading Love
Amaryllis - Splendid Beauty
Apple Blossom - Good Fortune
Azalea - Romance
Bachelor's Button - Hope, Love
Blue Bell - Kindness
Clover - Faithfulness
Daffodils and Daisies - Sunny Disposition
Evergreen - Undying Love
Fig - Longevity
Forget-me-not - True Love
Gardenia - Joy
Hyacinth - Constancy
Hydrangea - Devotion
Ivy - Fidelity
Jasmine - Sensuality
Lily of the Valley - Purity
Marigolds - Sensual Passion
Mint - Fecundity, Virtue
Myrtle - Love, Peace, Happiness
Orange Blossoms – Happiness, Fertility, Everlasting Luck
Orchids - Beauty, Passion
Periwinkle - Sweet Memories
Phlox - United Hearts
Pine - Compassion, Longevity
Pomegranate - Fertility
Rose - Love
Rosemary - Remembrance
Sage - Domestic Virtue
Thyme - Courage

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