The 4 C's

Get to know the "4 C's" before shopping for that perfect diamond ring.

Diamond costs are based on the 4 Cs: colour, clarity, carat and cut. Make sure you know these four distinct qualities when shopping for that perfect diamond ring.
A carat is the unit weight for all gemstones. Diamonds are measured in terms of weight, not size. There are 100 points in a carat. If a diamond is 50 points or 0.50 carats, the diamond is 1/2 a carat in weight. Do not assume bigger means more valuable.
A diamond's clarity is determined by the absence or existence of flaws on the surface or on the inside the diamond. Clarity is measured by a scale ranging from F (flawless) to I-3 (Imperfect).
Diamonds that are colourless are ideal. Increasing degrees of colour are measured on a scale ranging from D (no colour) to Z (deeply coloured or light yellow with grayish colour). An acceptable stone range is F, G, H and I; as once the diamond is mounted in a setting it will appear clear.
The key to a well cut diamond is proportion. Diamonds are cut with precise faucets. There are a total of 58 faucets on a round brilliant diamond. If cut properly, white light reflects off the diamonds surface. A good cut can be seen by the unaided eye when examined by a certified gemologist grader.

Photo: Rachel A Clingen | Azure Blue Photography: Stacey Barry

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