Wedding Decor Insight with World Renowned Designer

Written by TRB Contributors

Have you seen a David Beahm-designed wedding? If you haven’t you need to jump on Google this instant because the reality is that this incredibly talented Event Designer will probably have some influence on choices you make. His inspiring designs and the unparalleled details at his events have been raising industry standards for years. And here at we had a chance to sit down and gain some insight into his experience.
Get inspired
You can get inspired from just about anything around you. David likes to draw his inspiration from New York City, his travels and fashion, but believes you can find it anywhere, “there was an old restaurant in Paris with this coloured wall that I fell in love with about 10 year ago, and I have been striving to find that colour.” Sometimes you just have to take a look around you to be inspired.
Look at the trends
“Style wise… it seems to be that what was old is new again.” David believes that people seem to be taking a look at old styles, but looking at them with a fresh eye. And grey, things really seem to be moving towards grey, “steel greys, muted greys, matte greys… we’re doing an entire wedding coming up in June that is all matte grey and white, it is going to be elegant.”
Create a visual focus
“You have to say, ‘Is there a visual focus in the room?’ – the visual focus can’t be all over the room,” David says. He believes that you really need to look at the big picture and you can do that by using light to create levels. He advises that you use light to bring focus on where you want the eyes to go.
Stick to reality
David says that he’s constantly amazed at how quickly a bottom line grows, “but you have to look at the bottom line and face it.” Emotions can run high at a wedding, but brides need to remember that sometimes what they have in their head and what they can afford are two separate things.
But at the end of the day David believes the most important thing is to “make your wedding your story… do something to make it your own"