Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

Theme your wedding around a classic novel.


Novel: Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Leading Lady: Daisy Buchanan
Famous Quote: “Rich girls don’t marry poor boys.” Daisy Buchanan


The Gatsby Era, inspired by the luxury of the roaring '20s, would be a wonderful theme for a luxurious vintage style wedding.

Start the party by requesting your guests dress in 1920s attire for the wedding. Suggest flapper dresses, cloche hats, head bands, dangling faux pearls, feathers and long gloves for the women to wear. As for the gentlemen, advise them to wear either a suit in white or a black or white jacket with black pants. Recommend the men accessorize with an English driving cap or Fedora hat, wingtip shoes, bow tie or ascot. This will get all your guests in the roaring '20s spirit before they even arrive.

Arrive at your ceremony in Gatsby style; rent an antique vehicle like a Bentley or Rolls Royce.
At the reception, set the mood for your guests with a grand garden party. Fill the air with the sound of jazz music. Have waiters serve your guests cocktails dressed in black and white attire. The menu could feature canapés and tantalizing lavish appetizers for your company to nibble on. For dessert, serve French pastries with tea and coffee.

When it comes time to dance, hire a Ragtime band or have your disc jockey play lively music from the 1920’s for your guests to shimmy to. Don’t forget to include The Charleston and The Lindy Hop to the music list. It’ll be the bee’s-knees!

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