Behind the Ingenuity : A Conversation with a Top Event Designer

David Beahm sits down with and shares some of the secrets that have made him one of the industry’s leaders.

Written by TRB Contributors

It's a Business

Though emotions and creativity are important, those looking to get into the industry need to remember that ‘this is a business, not an expensive hobby.’ Professionals need to know that, though they are in the business to make people happy, they’re also in the business to make money. “If you’re not good with money, find someone who is and put them in charge. Monitor them, but find someone who understands business,” Beahm says.


One of David’s favourite quotes is ‘we were given two ears and one mouth, we should listen twice as much as we talk’ and he believes this should be a guiding principle for designers. From the very first consultation, he likes to let the client talk to him, tell him what they like. “You can find out so much more by listening instead of telling people,” David says. “You can pick up nuances then start asking questions.”

Get Inspired

There is inspiration everywhere, from where you live to the places you visit; there is always something from which you can draw creativity. David likes to gather his inspiration from the city of New York, the places he travels to and the fashion industry. “I do love travelling because I’m constantly blown away by how much of the world I haven’t seen and haven’t experienced,” he says, “And every time I travel it’s a new experience.”

There's Always a Challenge

“The biggest challenge is making the dream come true within a reality.” David stresses the importance of a budget on his blog and he believes that budgeting is part of the reason a professional is important. “Not only can we bring creativity into a situation, but we also bring experience.” He believes that the ability to step back, acknowledge the emotion, but make a decision based on the business proposition is important. After all, “any wedding can cost millions of dollars… but you have to look at the bottom line and face it.”

Stay Ambitious

It’s important to stay ambitious, even one of the top and most experienced designers still has a dream event - he’d love to do a Royal Wedding someday. “I love protocol. I love doing really fancy events. So Harry, if you’re listening…”