Thinking Outside the Pillow

Written by TRB Contributors

Check out these unique ring bearer pillow alternatives
Rather than going with the usual ring on a pillow, why not try something a little different to spice up the tradition? The ring bearer’s pillow is a great way to show some creativity and add a unique touch to your ceremony.
A rustic homemade board to carry the rings. More on Rustic Vintage Ring bearer pillows
Even if you choose to use a traditional pillow, you can still add details to make the pillow fit with your theme. More on Nautical Ring bearer pillow.
A simple plate that’s beautiful and easy to hold down the aisle. More Ring bearer Bowl
If you use a jewellery box, you can continue to use it after the wedding. More on Rustic box
A cute and functional addition for your dogs collar lets your furry friend be a part of the celebration! More Ring bearer dog pillow
Perfect for beach-themed weddings. More starfish ring bearer pillow