Fun CakeToppers

Don't want an ordinary cake topper? Check out these fun and unique cake toppers from WedShop.

Comical Couple with the Bride "Having the Upper Hand"

Comical Couple with the Bride "Having the Upper Hand" in hand painted porcelain. A novel approach to top your cake or cup cake tower.

$34.98 CAD

Comical Couple with the Groom Taking a Plunge Funny Wedding Cake topper

Comical Couple with the Groom "Taking a Plunge" in hand painted porcelain. An avant-garde top to a cake or cup cake tower.

$34.98 CAD

"Still Shopping" Message Board Mix & Match Cake Topper

A little posted message on a pedestal clearly marked with the Bride's focus . . . SHOPPING.


$19.98 CAD

Reaching Bride and Helpful Groom Mix & Match Cake Toppers

This dashing groom reaches down to lend a hand to his beautiful new bride. Hand painted porcelain with incredible detail.

$19.98 CAD

Golf Fanatic Groom Mix & Match Cake Topper

Golfing may be his life but how far will he go? This light-hearted Golf Fanatic Groom takes a fun jab at his hobby.

$19.98 - $24.98 CAD

Kissing Couple Cake Topper

Add a little fun with your romance, this couple shares their wedding kiss on top of the cake. In stylish black and white the cake top goes with any color theme.

$34.98 CAD

Hockey Groom Mix & Match Cake Topper

You will score points with your hockey groom when you show him you found a topper which truly represents him.


$19.98 - $24.98 CAD

Cell Phone Fanatic Bride and Groom Mix & Match Cake Toppers

In our crazy busy world that we live in, it isn't too far off to think that a cell phone or two may be an added help or necessity on the big day.

$19.98 CAD

"Honeymoon Bound" Couple in Car Cake Topper

Drive off into the sunset, or in this case your wedding cake, with this fun, novelty cake topper. Little tin cans decorate the car in "Just Married" style.

$49.98 CAD

Princess Bride Kissing Frog Prince Figurine

Every girl loves a fairytale wedding and this is the perfect cake topper to top it off. Hand painted porcelain.


$29.98 CAD

Motorcycle "Get-away" Wedding Couple Figurine

This romantic wedding couple are seated on a classic motor bike that has been magnificently crafted and includes a miniature "Just Married" license plate along...

$49.98 CAD

Bride Ready To Hit A Home Run with Groom Pitching Cake Toppers

For all of those baseball sports fans, this is the cake topper that truly hits home. Great on a cake or with mini apple pies. Baseball and apple...

$24.98 CAD

Winter Skiing Wedding Couple Figurine

Beautifully detailed and fashionably designed, this cozy wedding couple is the model of winter style. Complete with ski poles and bouquet, this couple is set to ski the slopes together.

$44.98 CAD

Playful Football Wedding Couple Figurine

If you and your beloved are Football fans, you'll love this cake topper. Beautifully styled with exquisite detailing, this playful couple is destined to score a "touch down"...

$39.98 CAD

Showered with Love Couple Figurine

A beautiful dress, a stylish suit, one white umbrella and a great pair of rubber boots all combine to create this very adorable cake topper.

$39.98 CAD

"A Love Match" Rugby Couple Figurine

For those in love with each other and in love with the sport of rugby, this figurine is dynamic and totally entertaining.


$39.98 CAD

#1 Fan Cheering Bride Figurine

This Cheering Bride is clearly a big fan of her new Groom. Partnered here with Soccer Fanatic Groom.


$24.98 CAD

"A Race to the Altar" Couple Figurine

Jumping at the gate to start your life together? Celebrate your love with this clever cake topper - ready, set, GO! Hand painted porcelain.

$39.98 CAD

"To Have and to Hold" - Bride holding Groom Figurine

A traditional saying with a modern twist. This super cute cake topper proves that love can make all things possible! Hand painted porcelain.

$39.98 CAD

Read My Sign - Bride and Groom Figurines

These Bride and Groom Cake Toppers are designed to allow your distinctive personality to shine through.


$24.98 CAD

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