2010 Winning Couple: April Kalloo & Kevin Gopwani


My name is April Kalloo and my fiance is Kevin Gopwani. Kevin is so romantic, he puts a lot of thought into everything he does, so I knew when he was going to propose, it was going to be over the top! This past December, we went on our third cruise together. Tortola was one of the countries we had stopped at during our first cruise and was one we were visiting again this time.



I was ecstatic to be seeing this beautiful island again! A 30 minute ferry ride from the island will take you to the "Virgin Gorda Baths," huge rocks sit right on the shore of the beach. To the left, a cluster of gigantic rocks form a cave. Little pools of warm, crystal clear water and beams of sunlight in between each rock make it the most romantic place in the world! Since this was our second time visiting, we knew exactly how to get through this maze of rocks. Kevin led me to an area that I knew was a dead end, but he insisted we stop at this one rock.


As he began to tell me how amazing it was that we were here again, I was distracted by everything else around me. I quickly said, "What do you want to do now?" Then he got down on one knee and said, "I want to marry you." My heart skipped and I began to cry! When I saw the ring, I cried even more happy tears! I lost my dad more than 12 years ago; Kevin had taken a diamond that my dad had given my mom when they first met and reset it on a new band full of diamonds! My dad will always be a part of my ring and he will always be a part of that special moment... forever. 

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