Win-A-Ring Contest Winner: Jose Bigras

Jose Bigras is the 32nd winner of the Win-A-Ring Contest

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Bilingual Customer Service Rep.

Hometown: Sudbury, Ontario (Brampton is where I currently live)

Getting Married? I'm looking forward to getting married! I'm still young but that don't mean anything. Maybe in a couple years or so. :)

How did you find that you won the ring? My sister Gloria texted me at work, the message said "call me ASAP, it's important". I first thought something was wrong but when I called she told me I had one THE ring. I was confused and wasn't sure what ring she was talking about. I thought about it more, I then realized that she was talking about Win-A-Ring Contest. It's funny because it's the one and only thing I signed up for at the bridal show, (my sister made me lol). And I won! (sorry sis :p)

Plans for the ring? Sell it on the black market lol! Just kidding! It's a beautiful ring, but it isn't something I would wear. My sister Gloria on the other hand loves it and she is getting married next summer. This would make a beautiful wedding band. I want her to have it.