Luster 1-Hour White

The quickest way to brighten your smile

Chick's Pick: Luster 1-Hour White

During your wedding you know that everyone will be watching you smile all day long. You want to make sure your smile is its brightest and with all of the tooth whitening products on the market, it is hard to pick which one to invest in. can definitely recommends a fabulous whitening product, Luster 1-Hour White.  The system retails for $44.99 online while giving dentist quality results, much cheaper than the hundreds of dollars you might spend on trays on in-office whitening. 

Luster 1-Hour White is an easy to follow system.  Three steps – rinse with the accelerator, brush on the whitening gel and shine the activation light. The activation light is automatically timed so you don’t have to think while you whiten. got to try this product and we were super pleased with the results. We’ve had in-dentist treatments previously (which stung … badly!) so we were very surprised with how comfortable Luster 1-Hour was … and no stinging or sensitivity. We don’t recommend whitening your teeth in front of your new beau … you might drool a little white the light is on your teeth, not sexy. But it is totally worth the results! The treatment took just under an hour and our teeth were noticeably whiter. 

And, as a final side note, you can feel completely comfortable and safe using the product - the Luster 1-Hour system is the only FDA cleared activating light accelerates whitening.