The Debutante

An addictive summer novel & this month’s must read

One of the things will miss most about summer is the time you get to spend outdoors reading a good book. has a new novel obsession – The Debutante, written by Kathleen Tessaro.

The book centres around the character Kate who is sent to value the contents of a once grand Georgian home on the coast of England. She finds a hidden shoe box filled with a mysterious collection of objects and becomes enthralled in piecing together the meaning of theses clues. A story of love, intrigue and mystery of one woman’s past takes Kate on a journey to change the course of her future.

Although the plot is alluring and mysterious, something we loved about the book was the pages themselves. The paperback is comfortable to hold, the pages are soft and the type reads well in bright sunlight on the beach. It all adds up to make your reading experience that much more enjoyable.

It’s a book that’s hard to put down and tops list for this summer’s must read fiction.