Fit Bride: Weight Loss Myth Busters

We’re busting five quick-fix weight loss myths. Separate fact from fiction – learn the truth about getting in shape for your wedding.

The truth about weight loss myths

Myth #1: Drop 30 pounds in 30 days, GUARANTEED*  

Fact: Notice the small asterisk beside this diet claim? There’s a lot more they aren’t telling you. There’s no healthy way to lose weight at the rate pills and diets say you can. It isn’t worth the risk. The best way to lose weight and keep it off is by eating in moderation and incorporating exercising into your daily routine.  

Myth #2: Eat cookies, cake, muffins and chocolate to lose all the weight you want!  

Fact: Part fad diet, part crazy! You can’t enjoy “all the foods you love” and lose the weight without some repercussions. This doesn’t mean you can never eat “bad” foods though. Don’t try to deprive yourself it will only lead to binging. Food should be fun, just keep your calories in check.

Myth #3: I had a banana split for lunch, so I might as well eat whatever I want the rest of the day.  

Fact: Okay, so a banana split isn’t on the top tier of healthy eating, but you enjoyed your dessert now move on. Don’t let one splurge reflect what you eat the rest of the day. Try to limit the number of calories you eat every day and/or increase your daily physical activity. Portion control is the key. Try eating smaller amounts of food and choosing foods that are low in calories  

Myth #4: The number on the scale is the only thing that matters.  

Fact: The scale is one of many measures of your body, however depending on your height, muscle tone, and Body Mass Index, two people can look drastically different at the same weight. So if you’re eating well, working out and seeing no change on the scale, don’t give up hope. The way you feel and how your clothing fits is a much better measure.  

Myth #5: When the scale goes up, so will my dress size.  

Fact: You’ve heard it over and over again, but muscle really does weigh more than fat. Gaining muscle may make your weight increase, so judge your progress using inches instead. Measurements to note include bust, waist, hips and thighs. See how they change and work from those numbers.   Remember, if losing weight is on your to-do wedding list consult your doctor and do it right. Eat well, drink water, workout and enjoy a slice of your wedding cake!  

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