Get Fit for your Wedding with Tommy Europe

Tommy Europe, one of Canada’s most sought-after trainers, took some time out of his busy schedule to let us in on some of his fitness secrets.

Tommy Europe and Nadeen Boman in Slice's The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp

The star of hit TV series, The Last Ten Pounds Boot Camp and Bulging Brides, Tommy Europe definitely knows how to get women into shape for their big day.  

Fitness and diet
Staying committed, eating well and exercising a few times a week can give you great results, Europe says. Food he recommends include fresh veggies, fruits, and chicken. His favourite meal, which is great for newlyweds or for anyone to keep in shape, is stir-fry. He recommends muscle training and cardio. “Women who train a few times a week with light weights shouldn’t be afraid of bulking up. Muscle training is very important to combine with your cardio.”  

A cheat day
We’re very relieved to hear that even Tommy cheats; he has a few chocolate-covered almonds every once in a while, but he reminds us that even after a small treat, "it's important to get back on track and don’t feel guilty."  

The wedding day and honeymoon
The wedding day and honeymoon are a time for you to relax and enjoy married life, says Tommy. Taking a break from the gym or eating a little different won’t hurt if it’s for a short time, but, “if fitness is a part of your life together, it definitely doesn’t hurt to keep it up while you’re away.”  

Is Tommy really as strict as he is on TV?
With Tommy being so easy to talk to, we had to ask if his TV personality is the same when he’s training off screen. “Training is part fitness part psychology, I really get to know my brides and understand what they can handle. Some women need more encouragement while others thrive off a more aggressive attitude.”  

About Tommy
Tommy is a Certified Personal Trainer through BCRPA and holds a Personal Trainer Specialist title through Can-Fit-Pro. As a professional football player, he was a two time all-star as a defensive back in the CFL. He won the Grey Cup as a member of the BC Lions in 1994.

You can watch Tommy Europe on Bulging Brides and The Last Ten Pounds Boot Camp, or bring his training home with his fitness DVDs.