At home Facial Tips

Five simple steps for your own at home facial for a fraction of the salon cost.

At-Home-Facial 5 Easy Steps

Nothing beats the feeling after a salon facial, but let’s face it, with a busy schedule and an ever-shrinking savings account, it may be easier and more practical to have an at home facial every now and again.  

Here’s how to get started:  

What you need:
- Cleanser

(We suggest Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foam Cleanser, $19)- Exfoliating scrub

(We recommend LANCŎME Exfoliance Clarté Fresh Exfoliating Gel, $35.50)- Warm water & a washcloth

(We recommend Nicole Miller Refining Mud Masque, $34)- Clay or cream facial mask

(We recommend Nicole Miller Refining Mud Masque, $34)- Moisturizer

(We suggest Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift SPF 30 Moisturizing Cream, $68)

Step 1 – Cleanse your skin
You will want to wash your face thoroughly with warm water and use a cleanser to remove any make-up, dirt and excess oils.  

Step 2 – Exfoliate
Using your fingers, rub a gentle exfoliating scrub in a circular motion on your face and neck. If you don’t have an exfoliating scrub, try using an exfoliating scrub pad with your cleanser and gently rub the pad in a circular motion around your face being extra careful around the sensitive eye area where the skin is more delicate.  

Step 3 – Steam
Fill your sink with warm water and dip a washcloth in and press on your face 2-3 times, or run hot water with your face above the tap and a towel covering your head so steam builds up and opens your pores.  

Step 4 – The Mask
For oily skin, use a clay-based mask and for dry skin try a gel or cream mask. Apply the mask, avoiding the area around the eyes. Keep the mask on for 10-20 minutes or the recommended time of the product. Rinse well and make sure all traces are completely washed off.  

Step 5 – Moisturize
Smooth on your favourite moisturizer and bask in the amazing feeling of your at home facial.

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