Quick Fixes for Tired Eyes

Five ways to get rid of those dark puffy circles before your wedding day.

Spent one too many nights working late or partying? Well you’re in luck because with these quick fixes, no one ever has to know you haven’t slept - especially with your wedding pictures around the corner.  

Fix #1 – Tinfoil

Keep pieces in the freezer that are large enough to cover your face. When you need a quick fix, simply take the cold tinfoil and mould over your face and let sit for a few minutes. Let the cool metal work its wonders on those puffy tired eyes. A trick used by makeup artists. ($2)  


Fix #2 – Cotton pads and Witch Hazel

Drench two cotton pads and place over your eyes for a few minutes (keep the Witch Hazel in the refrigerator for better results).The Witch Hazel will take away any swelling or puffiness. ($4)  


Fix #3 – Elizabeth Arden Prevage Eye Anti-Aging Moisturizing Treatment

This product is anti-dark circles, anti-puffy skin and anti-wrinkles. You’ll be amazed by the difference of before and after use. ($98)  


Fix #4 – Shiseido Instant Treatment Eye Mask

Concentrated, this treatment quickly hydrates and energizes the look of tired, puffy eyes. ($68)  

Fix #5 – Tarte Rest Assured Brightening Wand

Your wake-up make-up; it gives eyes an instantly refreshed, wide-awake look. ($22)




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