Basic Make-up Brushes

Brushes are the essential tools to create a flawless look – so make sure you’re using the right ones.

“A good make-up artist knows the importance of good brushes,” says make-up artist, Natalie McDonald, of Natalie McDonald Artistic Make-Up. “The make-up will go on faster and smoother, creating a better canvass to work with.”  

Investing in quality brushes and taking care of them will last you for years. Here are the basic brushes every girl should have in her make-up bag.  

Foundation Brush – Works well with all types of foundations including creams, liquids and even solids. This brush allows for more even coverage of the foundation on your skin – creating a flawless look.


Powder/ Bronzer Brush – Works well with mineral foundation or a press powder. This brush will create a natural flawless finish.  

Blush Brush – For shading and highlighting cheeks and face with blush. This brush will evenly distribute make-up to desired area.

Blending Brush – Designed for the contour of the eye. This brush will softly blend crease and lid colour.  

Angle Brush – Gives precision lining and brow definition. This brush can be used to line your eyes with shadow or use to fill in sparse area in your brows.   

Pencil Brush – Ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create the smoky eye look.   Try these brushes with our favourite make-up products    








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