Unveiled: The Galvanic Spa System II

Enjoy revitalized, younger looking skin and a radiant glow with Nu Skin: The Galvanic Spa System II.

Nuskin Spa Kit

So you’ve thought of everything, the church, reception hall, invitations, and dress, but did you take a second to stop and think about one of the most important accessories...your skin?  

Having a healthy glow is what everyone will remember, so if you’re looking for a way to prepare your skin for your wedding day, try this breakthrough patented technology – The Galvanic Spa System II from Nu Skin.  

How It Works
- The Galvonic spa treatments operate on the simple principle that like charges repel and opposites attract. The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System is an at home spa device that uses the same principle.

- The user sets the galvanic instrument to the same polarity as the active ingredients in the treatment product, which is then more effectively delivered to the skin.

- With the Galvonic Spa Pre – Treatment and treatment facial gels, a two step facial allows impurities that bind to the negatively charged pre treatment gel to be drawn out of the skin during the positively charged treatment cycle.

- Use the four interchangeable heads on the spa system for face, body, scalp and specific areas.  

- Patented self adjusting galvanic currents.

- User defined polarity to match negatively or positively charged Galvonic Spa II skin care ingredients.

- 1,2,3,or 5 minute timed sessions.

- Convenient, hand held and portable.  

- Save time in the comfort of your own home (no appointments necessary ladies) with visible results in as little as five minutes twice a week.

- Save money with an economical alternative to expensive spa treatments.  

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