How well do you know Kate Middleton?

Tidbits of trivia about the royal-bride-to-be

You may think you already know a lot about Kate Middleton, the pretty brunette from Berkshire, England, who will marry Prince William on April 29th, 2011. But we’re sure we can add to that knowledge with a few more facts.

Did you know…?
- Kate turned 29 on January 29th, 2011.
She is marrying into a family of blue eyes but she has green eyes.
- Kate can out-ski and outlast William on any black coloured ski run.
- She keeps her glowing complexion because she doesn’t touch a drop of alcohol. 
- Like Princess Diana, her favourite sport is tennis.
- Not surprisingly, Kate's favourite colour for clothing is blue. She chose the blue Issa dress she wore on her engagement day, as she jokingly explained, “to match my sapphire engagement ring.”
- Like Prince William, Kate drives an Audi.
- William's pet name for Kate is 'Babykins.'
- Her name for him is 'Big Willie.'
- Kate is the tallest bride to marry into the royal family for many decades. Kate is around 5ft.11inches.
- While William spent time in exotic places like Kenya and Peru, art lover Kate went to Florence in September, 2000 for a 12 week Italian course at the British Institute.
- While in Italy Kate shared a flat with several girls, including singer Chris Rea's niece Alice Whitaker.
- Kate will be the sixth Queen Catherine.
- High maintenance she is not - her nails are kept short with a natural polish.
- Sharing clothes with her mother is one way Kate saves money. 
- She turned up at the Cheltenham Gold Cup in 2006 wearing a brown fur hat, that Carole Middleton donned for Prince William's graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy the following December.