Something Borrowed Royal Influence

Kate and Will’s wedding has something in common with this movie.

Does ‘Something Borrowed’ have something in common with Prince William and Kate’s wedding or Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding? You’ll have to watch it to find out.
It’s not the fact that Kate is a commoner in the sense of the word – but it is exactly the fact that true love can’t be stopped. When you find the one you love, it doesn’t matter how much money they’re worth, what ranking they have in life or even if they’re engaged to someone else…sometimes you just have to follow your heart.
Take the royal couple, Kate and William; they both come from different worlds – his world of pomp, pageantry and royal protocol was bestowed upon him at birth. Kate on the other hand, her middle class family used hard work to climb the social ladder. 
Their paths should never have crossed according to their social standing in life. Prince William should have married an aristocrat of blue blood to reign as his queen but he went against protocol and followed his heart when he married Kate. Isn’t that true love?
Something Borrowed, a book written by Emily Giffin adapted into a movie by Warner Brothers, deals with a moral dilemma between best friends. A love triangle emerges involving Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and her best friend Darcy (Kate Hudson) and Darcy’s fiancé Dex (Colin Egglesfield). 
The unspeakable happens when Rachel sleeps with Dex. Obviously, not the same story line Kate and Will’s relationship follows but it does relate a lot closer to Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s courtship– Charles marries Lady Diana out of obligation even though he loves Camilla Parker Bowles.
Dex loves someone who isn’t his fiancé, like Prince Charles, he has to make a choice, marry out of obligation or stand up to his family like Princess William did for Kate.
We all know the outcome of Prince Charles’ marriage to Lady Diana Spencer; disastrous; hurting everyone involved. 
What path will Dex choose? You’ll just have to watch Something Borrowed to find out.
Love can define us and make us who we are. It can change us for the better if we let it. Whether it’s a great flick about true love or a royal wedding of the century, my advice is to follow your heart. Complicated or not, stay true to your dreams and magic can happen.
Something Borrowed is in theatres May 6, 2021