Word on the Street: Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding

The latest scoop on the royal couple and their wedding plans!

It’s being touted as the wedding of the decade – Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially tying the knot on April 29th, 2011 and when they do, the whole world will be watching. Prince William and Kate’s wedding promises to be a grand and traditional affair sure to capture the hearts of millions, just like Prince William’s parents, Charles Prince of Wales and Lady Diana did in 1981.

And to keep you abreast about the nuptials, will update you on the wedding details of the royal couple.

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Here is the latest scoop about the royal wedding:

[April 27, 2021]

A Coat of Arms for Kate Middleton. Catherine Middleton has received her own coat of arms – commissioned by her father Michael, the new Middleton family arms can be used by the immediate Middleton family.  It has been reported that Kate’s and Prince William’s coat of arms will be featured on the official wedding program.

Kate’s coat of arm is made for her, the lozenge-shape body represents a female (males would have a shield). Another indicator the arms are specific to the females in the family is the tied blue ribbon at the top of the arms, signifying that the bearer is an unmarried woman.

Elements that are common to both female and male arms, seen on Kate’s coat of arms, is the three acorns which represents the three Middleton children and the oak tree, common to the families home in Berkshire, England. The inverted “V” in the centre of the arms represents Kate’s mother Carole, in gold to
reflect her maiden name ‘Goldsmith’. The two white stripes border the ‘V’, and reflect the family’s fondness of mountains and skiing.

The coat of arms was designed by the Garter Principal King of Arms, Thomas Woodcock, who works at the College of Arms in London.

Will Kate stick to her new roots and wear a wedding dress by a Welsh designer? It’s not a fact, just surmising, that Stephanie Allin, a low profile designer and relatively unknown, could be Kate Middleton’s wedding dress designer.

Stephanie Allin is a high-end Welsh couture wedding dressmaker, with a boutique in the Mumbles, Swansea and London’s Marylebone area.  

Stephanie Allin’s team of ateliers are based at the Welsh Swansea boutique, dresses are hand-sewn and can be made in four months.  The gorgeous bridal dresses are ‘high-end’ couture, the perfect dress for a Royal Welsh Princess to be.

[Update: 4.29.11] Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

Expect typical English weather for the Royal Wedding.  Meteorologist’s are predicting risk of heavy rain fall on the big day of Will and Kate’s wedding.

Current predictions indicate thunder and brisk north-easterly winds could be added to the mix across southern Britain.

Plans are in place to ensure Friday's event goes without a hitch, whatever the weather is. The couple will leave Westminster Abbey in the Royal Glass Coach, instead of the open-top 1902 State Landau, if the heavens open up.



[April 18, 2021]

A reliable source has said Prince William will not wear a wedding band upon his marriage to Kate Middleton. Apparently ‘ringless royal patriarchs’ are not uncommon, William’s grandfather, Prince Phillip, does not wear a wedding ring. Prince Charles never wore a band when he was married to Princess Diana but is wearing one married to Camilla, hmm!

Photographer Ian Jones has been chosen as one of the official royal wedding photographers. Jones will take up the prime position at Westminster Abbey to photograph the newly married royal couple as they emerge after their wedding ceremony April 29th.

Jones from Bolton England has been photographing the royals since 1993. He toured the world with the late Diana, Princess of Wales, during her campaign and was appointed by the Royal family to take photographs of Prince William’s 18th birthday at Eton.

In 1998 he was named Royal Photographer of the Decade and just recently photographed Prince William and Kate Middleton when they announced their engagement.

Kate has ordered three dresses for the big day. In an attempt to keep that must-see dress completely secret, Ms Middleton has reportedly commissioned three different designers to create gowns, to ensure her dress of choice is not leaked before the big day. According to a press rumour, two of the dresses are back-up “B and C” and will not be worn unless the press finds out about the favourite gown.

[Update: 4.29.11] Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

Of course, this is all speculation. The rumoured designers are Sarah Burton for House of McQueen, Bruce Oldfield and the newest designer added to the list Jasper Conran.

Interestingly, Conran’s most recent bridal collection was mysteriously removed from his website and rumours have surfaced that McQueen fashion house has been coming to work earlier these days. According to a reliable source, this only happens during fashion week, which is over.














Earlier this month Kate’s sister Pippa and mother Carole were seen chatting with designer Alice Temperley outside her London boutique prompting yet another rumour that she could be the designer.

[Update: 4.29.11] Matriarch's Ensemble

Whether the rumours are true or not, one thing is for sure, the excitement over what Kate will be wearing has millions of fans on the edge of their seat waiting for April 29th to arrive.

Royal wedding guests given etiquette guide. Royal wedding guests have a 22 page list of do’s and don’ts on how to behave at the upcoming wedding of Kate and William.

The guide has common sense tips like not wearing white or cream coloured outfits that would clash with the bride - to taking off a top hat for gentlemen upon entering the church.

Guests are to arrive at least 20 minutes before the ceremony begins and men in the Armed Forces should wear their uniform and male civilians a lounge or morning suit.

Proper protocol suggests that guests acknowledge the Queen as she enters Westminster Abby with a curtsy or bow as she walks through and the same must happen when she leaves.

If you are lucky enough to meet the Queen, she puts her hand out first and guests address her as Your Majesty. In conversation, she is addressed as Ma'am, to rhyme with jam, not palm.

For some guests attending the afternoon reception or evening private dinner will mean having to learn a set of dining rules. The champagne glass should be held by the stem. At dinner, you would use the cutlery working from the outside in for each dish presented. Tea cups are lifted very gently placing your index finger and thumb on the handle of the cup. The saucer is never lifted with the cup and after every sip you return the cup to the saucer.

Catering staff have a strict protocol to follow as well. A royal source said they are not to look at Kate, the Queen or any of the royals while serving. They must keep their heads down and be as discreet as possible.

Kate to alter the engagement ring. It has been claimed that Kate Middleton will have her engagement ring made smaller.

[Update: 4.29.11] MIddleton's Family Jewellery

According to sources, Crown jeweller, G Collins and Sons, have been approached by Ms. Middleton and asked to attach small platinum beads inside the bottom of the ring so it will fit her better.

The sapphire and diamond ring was famously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. Ms. Middleton has recently lost weight as her big day approaches and sources say she was concerned with the ring being loose and possibly falling off her finger - a bride’s worst nightmare!

After the royal wedding - no ‘Princess’ title for Kate Middleton. If you thought Kate Middleton would become ‘Princess Kate’ after Prince William marries her, think again. Kate is a commoner (not a blue blood) and there are very strict rules about titles in royal circles; you have to be born into aristocracy.

William’s current title is Prince William of Wales KG (Knight of the Garter). After he marries Kate, her name would technically be Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.

The Queen has a habit of investing her family with dukedoms when they get married and rumor has it William will become the Duke of Cambridge, making Kate the Duchess of Cambridge.

If William becomes King, which hopefully he will, his title would be King William and Kate would officially be Queen Catherine.

[Update: 4.29.11] Will and Kate have been Duked

The ‘Royal Rumble’ begins and the first up for Kate to battle is… Will’s step-mum Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles’ second wife is said to be angry that Kate is opting for flowers in her hair instead of the traditional royal tiara. While Kate doesn’t want to upset Camilla she is determined to have a Royal wedding that reflects her style and her generation gap.

Kate and William want their wedding to be modern and relatable to people on the street says a reliable source. Kate has always preferred high street brands over expensive designer’s clothes and in keeping with economic times they have chosen to shuttle their guests around in mini buses versus the traditional limos. William and Kate have also chosen a second cake for the wedding, a chocolate biscuit cake, being created by McVitie’s, a company that caterers to supermarkets.

You know we can all relate to chocolate cookies…yummy!!!!!

Kate Middleton will spend her last night as a single woman in the royal suite in London England at The Goring Hotel, before her marriage to Prince William April 29th. It has been reported Kate will stay at the hotel with her mother Carole and sister Pippa, her maid of honour. The Goring Hotel is in Belgravia, close to Buckingham Palace. The five-bedroom suite Kate will be staying in was just recently renovated with a beautiful bathroom and state-of-the-art gadgets.

All along they have been saying Kate will pick an unknown designer to create her wedding dress so it should be no surprise… that in a sudden turn of events there is new speculation about a relatively low-key designer; Sophie Cranston of Libélula.

Cranston, 34-year-old Londoner, has a romantic bohemian background and has worked for Alexander McQueen and Alice Temperley – both designers whose names have been in the media for the royal appointment of Kate’s wedding dress. Cranston moved to Spain and founded her own label Libélula which means ‘dragonfly’ in Spanish, in 2002 and offers a collection of bespoke bridal gowns.

Cranston gained a loyal following of high-profile customers, including Emma Watson, Tamara Eccleston, Jerry Hall and just recently Kate Middleton who purchased a black velvet dress coat by Libélula to wear to a friends wedding in Yorkshire England in January.

But again this is all just speculation – could it be more ‘smoke’ to cover-up the real designer?

Is Kate pregnant? The latest rumour is that Kate Middleton is pregnant and she’ll be announcing that she is making Prince William a dad, Prince Charles a grandpa and Queen Elizabeth II a great granny right after the wedding.

Of course, Buckingham Palace has completely denied the claims, stating they’re absurd and just another claim that has been made-up as the day approaches!

[March 30, 2021]

To fuel the wedding dress rumor that chief designer, Sarah Burton, of British fashion house Alexander McQueen is creating Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, the eponymous brand debuted bridal-inspired gowns on the catwalk for Autumn/Winter 2011. The stunning embellished bodices and sculpted silhouettes of the dresses paid exquisite attention to detail and were more than befitting for a princess.

A charitable donation in lieu of presents requests the royal couple, according to royal officials. The palace says that, “touched by the goodwill shown to them,” the couple has selected 26 charities with particular resonance to them to benefit from a special charity gift fund. The charities – including some based in Canada, Australia and New Zealand – represent a broad spectrum of issues, from support for army wives to local foundations and the arts. Anyone wishing to donate can go to a website, Royal Wedding Charity Fund and pick a beneficiary. The funds will be held in a dedicated account and grants will be distributed in partnership with the charities for a maximum impact, the palace added.

Will it be a green wedding for William and Kate? The royal couple has already made green wedding choices with a charity donation in lieu of gifts and a recycled engagement ring. It’s also been reported that the Welsh National Culinary Team has been commissioned to make a cake to be donated to charity and it will be organic, made with local sourced ingredients. The head chef of Buckingham Palace, Mark Flanagan, has also confirmed he will be serving the guests a menu of fresh local grown foods from Britain.

The two official wedding cakes for the wedding April 29th will be served to the guests. The English baker Fiona Cairns will make one cake; a traditional multiple-tiered fruitcake decorated with 16 different types of icing flowers, including those representing the four corners of the United Kingdom: English rose, Irish shamrock, Welsh daffodil and Scottish thistle. The bridal rose represents happiness, the oak and acorn – which is an architectural detail around the room where the cake will be – symbolizes strength and endurance. The lily of the valley, symbolizes sweetness and ivy leaves represent marriage.

The second cake, to satisfy the groom’s sweet tooth, is a chocolate-cookie cake, which will be created by McVitie biscuit company.

The music for the wedding service of Kate and Will has been confirmed by the British Royal Court. An official statement released, stated there will be two choirs, The Choir of Westminster Abbey and The Chapel Royal Choir. One orchestra will play, The London Chamber Orchestra and two fanfare teams, The Fanfare Team from the Central Band of the Royal Air Force and The State Trumpeters of The Household Cavalry.

Will there be more than one dress for the future Queen’s wedding? According to rumor, Kate will change from her ceremonial wedding dress to a more informal reception dress in the evening.

Getting to the church on time - Prince William and Miss Middleton will travel separately to the service using state cars from the Royal Mews. The State Car collection includes two Bentleys, three Rolls-Royces and three Daimlers. At the end of the service at Westminster Abbey the British Royal Court announced, Kate and William will travel in the 1902 State Landau along the Processional Route to Buckingham Palace. In the event of severe weather conditions the couple will travel in the Glass Coach.

[March 7, 2021]

Sounds like, Bruce Oldfield is out according to the latest buzz on the street about who is the designer of Kate Middleton's wedding dress. 
British newspapers are reporting the wedding dress will be created by chief designer Sarah Burton of the British fashion house Alexander McQueen.
Burton, 36, took over after McQueen committed suicide last year. Britain's media also reported that the chief executive of the label, Jonathan Akeroyd and Burton, both denied the rumours are true.
The look of the royal wedding dress is a closely guarded secret – and it’s a well-known fact the designer commissioned to create the gown would never admit to it before the wedding day, if they wanted to remain  in good terms with the royal family.
Huffington Post’s royal contributor Yvonne Yorke, reports that Kate commissioned four pairs of shoes for the big day, including a slipper-like silk embroidered pair that she’ll wear down the aisle at Westminster Abbey. 
Prince William will be keeping his stag party well away from the public with an extreme sports event in Devon, England at a marina. For around $150 each, party-goers will wakeboard before being treated to a barbeque at the nearby Turf (a pub) before retiring at a private estate.
[February 24, 2021]

Aruna Seth, a British born bridal shoe designer who would love to be commissioned as the royal shoe designer for Kate Middleton’s wedding.
Aruna Seth says:
“We’d love to be picked to be Royal Wedding shoe designer, it would be a truly magical experience.  Catherine Middleton’s bridal shoes should be simple, elegant with a 
hint of glamour to match her style; with a reasonable heel-height to be in proportion to Catherine’s petit frame.  I’d recommend Catherine choosing effortless, classic shoes that will stand the test of time.  In a shoeaholic’s world, choosing appropriate bridal shoes should be as important as the grandeur of the dress.  
Catherine will have a four-minute walk up the carpeted aisle of the 900-year-old church of Westminster Abbey therefore comfort will be key.  Spending a long-time on her feet, Catherine’s bridal shoes will need to be beautiful yet practical; Aruna Seth shoes all contain a special plush padding providing extra comfort for the Royal day.  I feel the ‘Byrony’ shoe (pictured above right) to be the most ‘Catherine Middleton’ appropriate from my collection.  We would of course design a bespoke one-off bridal shoe for Catherine’s special day if asked.”
Aruna Seth’s shoe collection is admired by a huge British fan-base and stocked in the most exclusive bridal stores in London, England. Here in Canada you can purchase Aruna Seth shoes exclusively at Powder.
- You may think you already know a lot about Kate Middleton, the pretty brunette from Berkshire, England, who will marry Prince William on April 29th, 2011. But we’re sure we can add to that knowledge with a few more facts.
[February 24, 2021]
- The date of the royal wedding, April 29th, 2011, has been declared a national holiday in Britain.
- Royal watcher Yvonne Yorke declares, “Bruce Oldfield isn’t the designer of Kate Middleton’s dress but rather, a little-known British designer (young woman) who has previously worked with the Middleton ladies.” 
- The wedding party is officially announced and it reflects William and Kate’s close personal and family ties. 
Royal Bridal Party
Best Man: Prince Harry (Prince William’s brother)
Maid of Honour: Philippa (Pipa) Middleton (Kate’s sister)
Bridesmaid: Lady Louise Windsor (Prince Edward’s daughter)     
Bridesmaid: Margarita Armstrong-Jones (Lady Sarah’s niece)
Bridesmaid: Grace Van Cutseam (daughter of Hugh Van Cutseam a close friend)              
Bridesmaid: Eliza Lopes (Camilla’s granddaughter, Prince Charles step-grandchild)
Groomsman: Tom Pettifer (William’s godchild the son of William’s childhood nanny)
Groomsman: William Lowther-Pinkerton (William’s private secretary’s son)
- The wedding invitations are officially in the mail. The breakdown is 1,000 family and friends of William and Kate; 90 members of the British and foreign royal families; 200 members of the government; 80 guests drawn from Prince Williams charities
60 governors-general and prime ministers; 30 members of defense services.
There are three invitations in all for the royal wedding. The first invitation is for the wedding ceremony at Westminster Abby with approximately 1900 guests.
The second invitation is for the luncheon reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by the Queen for 600 people. The third invitation is for the dinner reception in the evening hosted by Prince Charles, for which 300 family and friends have been invited.
- Prince William is thrilled over The Windsor Castle Brewing Company from Maidenhead, England, crafting a celebratory beer called Kiss Me Kate. It is said, the hops that are used in Kiss Me Kate Beer are the best hops found anywhere in the world and they are shipped daily from Beaver Valley, Ontario Canada.
- It has been confirmed Kate Middleton has commissioned Philip Treacy to be the official hat-maker for the royal wedding. 
The award-winning milliner also designed both of the headdresses Camilla’s wore on her wedding day in 2005.
[January 17, 2022]
- Kate won't take the traditional mode of transportation to the wedding; arriving by horse drawn carriage a la Lady Diana Spencer and Duchess Sarah Ferguson. Instead, she'll sweep up to the doors of Westminster Abbey by car for the 11 a.m. ceremony, said Clarence House. (Editor’s Note: Because of the limited room, this may be a strong indication the dress will be sleek and elegant rather than a huge meringue).
- Prince William and Kate's wedding reception will break with royal tradition when the couple leave Westminster Abbey by carriage and proceed to Buckingham Palace for a private reception hosted by the Queen (Prince William’s grandmother) instead of the usual extravagant state banquets of former years. Prince William's father, Charles Prince of Wales, will later host a private dinner, followed by dancing, at Buckingham Palace in the evening, for close friends and family.
- The Archbishop of Canterbury will marry Prince William and Kate, while the Bishop of London will give the address and The Dean of Westminster will conduct the service.
- Yvonne Yorke, the Huffington Post 's royal contributor, has revealed that Kate Middleton's wedding dress is now a work in progress, and is being created inside Buckingham Palace. 
- Speculation as to who might design Kate's wedding gown has been circulating non-stop since the couple announced their engagement last month. One of Princess Diana's favourite designers, Bruce Oldfield was so hotly-tipped to be the 'chosen one' that bookies Paddy Power closed the books on him when the odds were slashed to 3-1.
- Bruce Oldfield's name re-entered the mix because Kate's mom Carole and sister Pippa were spotted heading to his store in the swanky Knightsbridge area of London, England. 
Photos published in the U.K.'s News of the World show mother and daughter visiting Oldfield's store. 
The paper said the shopping trip gave "a big hint he's been picked to design the royal wedding dress." But according to sources, no one is confirming this information, including designer, Oldfield, who has not commented on making the wedding gown for Kate Middleton.
- It has been reported that Prince William will be wearing his Royal Air Force uniform (apparently Middleton finds his uniform 'sexy'), while his brother Prince Harry will also be in full military uniform.
- Royal bride-to-be Kate Middleton has set the venue for the second hottest party of the year (the first being her wedding reception) picking a bar in mega-posh Chelsea, England for her hen bash (stagette). 
Kate is claimed by the Daily Mail to have decided on Eighty-Six, an exclusive bar and restaurant on Fulham Road in London, England. The paper quoted a source as saying: "She loves it because the staff is discreet and she knows the owner."
- Prince William is keeping his stag low-key, forsaking his usual favourite nightclub spot Mahiki, for a night in with the lads at Clarence House.
The paper claims that the club's management has sent over cases of special rum that Prince William likes, with former Mahiki employee Guy Pelly and Prince Harry organizing the party.
A source was quoted as saying: "William wants a low-key venue for his stag night so instead of going to Mahiki, Mahiki will come to them."
- The Beatles legend, Sir Paul McCartney, has reportedly been approached to perform at Prince William and Kate’s Buckingham Palace reception after their April 29 nuptials because the couple believes his music has universal appeal. Royal sources have not confirmed this information.
- For those invited to the wedding wanting to bring a gift the future king and queen have indicated they would prefer donations to their favourite charity. Wedding invitations will have instructions as to how to make a donation to the charity of the royal couple’s choice, says a senior royal aide.