Angelina gives Brad Pitt Wedding Ring Gift

Brad Pitt receives a $400k wedding ring from Angelina for his 47th birthday.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt , the perfect picture of love, have an unconventional relationship. Will the movie star couple ever get married? It appears they may finally be ready to take the plunge. This week, Brad Pitt celebrated his 47th birthday and his lady love decided to give him a special gift.

Angelina Jolie bought Brad Pitt a $400k family wedding ring, to symbolize their love and commitment, to each other and their kids. Perez Hilton reports, ”The band has each of their children’s names on it and Angelina Jolie’s on the top. This is a family wedding band to symbolize Brad Pitt isn’t just married to Angelina but to the family as a whole. It was described as absolutely exquisite. She told me there are mystical references to his 47th birthday that have also been engraved on the band and the family all have their own interpretations of what the band means to them and of what 47 means to them.” Wow, sounds beautiful.

In Chinese Mysticism, the number 47 can be considered auspicious. The number 4, is related to wishes and good fortune. The number 7 , it represents togetherness. Did Angelina Jolie choose the number 47 for the wedding ring, as a family symbol for lifelong happiness? Astrochicks believes so, a really unique and beautiful gift for Brad Pitt, her baby daddy and the man she adores.

Brad Pitt born under the astrology sign of Sagittarius, loves his baby mama’s free spirited ways. Angelina Jolie a Gemini, keeps her man interested by making their life an adventure. Smart and sexy, she knows how to keep the mystery alive and the passion flowing. The next two years will be a positive time for Brad and Angelina, they may never get married the old fashioned way, but they a spiritual love bond that will last a life time. Happy holidays.

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