Jessica Simpson Wedding Plans

Jessica Simpson  and her fiance Eric Johnson have lots to celebrate this New Year. Not only a new engagement and an upcoming wedding, it appears Jessica Simpson’s fashion empire is now worth a billion dollars as well. Hello Jessica!  Some girls have all the luck. I hope she’s signing a prenup. 

Jessica Simpson sells shoes, accessories, outerwear, bathing suits, fragrances and watches. Sales from 2010 totaled roughly $750 million already. The main licensee for Simpson merchandise, Vince Camuto, said, “People look at her as a style icon.” That’s not all, our little songstress is expanding her fashion line, you can check it out here.
Astrochicks wouldn’t necessarily call Jessica Simpson a fashion icon but we do love her shoes. Nice chunky heels, where you can rock the California look that we love so much. It’s a good thing Jessica Simpson’s fashion empire is doing so well because the music and acting career isn’t. Well at least Jessica’s a winner in love again.
Astrologically, Jessica Simpson born under the astrology sign of Cancer, has a lot to be thankful for. She finally gets to complete her family picture, with a hot NFL stud by her side. Her future husband, Eric Johnson, born under the sign of Virgo is definitely a cool dude. Smart and sexy, Eric Johnson will not only be her lover but business partner in life. What can I say, I really like Jessica Simpson. Can’t wait to see what wedding dress she picks out. Check out our thoughts on what Jessica Simpson's wedding dress should be. 

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