Kim Kardashian New NBA Boyfiend, Dumps Gabriel Aubry for Kris Humphries

Has Kim Kardashian dumped boyfriend Gabriel Aubry  for ANOTHER professional athlete? Dang it's hard to keep up with our Libra girl, sheís like a revolving door when it comes too men. It's reported that Kim Kardashian  has split with Gabriel Aubry and has already moved on to New Jersey Nets NBA player, Kris Humphries . Didn't Kim Kardashian just spend Thanksgiving with Gabriel Aubry? Does she have ADD? 

According to People magazine, Kim Kardashian has been dating a few guys, which include Gabriel Aubry and Kris Humphries. Sheís single after all. Astrochicks thinks Gabriel Aubry is too hot for sloppy seconds, Kim Kardashian is a fool to let him go. Also, whatís up with all these young guys she dates? Kris Humphries is only 25 years old, he's not going to settle down anytime soon. Besides he looks like he's 15 years old and the less attractive version of Taylor Lautner.

Kim Kardashian born under the astrology star sign of Libra, has some hard lessons in love to learn this year. Jumping from guy to guy is only going to push men away. Kris Humphries is an Aquarius and likes his freedom. I don't see this relationship lasting either. Kimís romances are so public, its hard for anyone to take Ms. Kardashian too serious. Who knows? Maybe Reggie Bush and Kim will finally get back together next year. They made a perfect love match. Stay tuned, I'm sure Kim Kardashian will have another new boyfriend next week.

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