Heidi Spencer Marriage

Love is in the air this weekend, Heidi Montag  and Spencer Pratt  are getting married AGAIN today. Now that divorce is off, the bankrupt couple want to renew their wedding vows in a romantic ceremony. I thought they were broke?

Heidi Montag born under the astrology star sign of Virgo, wants to redo her wedding for REAL, since last time on “The Hills” it was for the camera. She says,  “(Last time) I had Lauren Conrad  telling me to leave, the producers telling Spencer to leave me at the altar and it was just really awful. I had my mom yelling at me, telling I needed my stepdad to walk me down the aisle, not my real dad. It was just so awful and everyone was just so mean, and no one there wanted us to get married. They just wanted a show, so now this is real. We had a lot of voodoo on the last one so I’m ready for a new marriage.” Man, everyone from “The Hills” sure seems to hate Lauren Conrad.

Heidi Montag’s husband, Spencer Pratt, is a true Leo dude. He loves the drama, passion, and most important the attention. Are they getting married in Newport Beach, California?  Spencer shares his wife Heidi’s sentiments, saying: “Since we had to do the first ceremony, I’ve been thinking about the second ceremony. The first one was so fake and not real. It was a movie, it was a script and it didn’t feel right. No one in that building wanted us to get married. It was a nightmare.”

Astrochicks hates to burst Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s wedding day bubble but they are getting remarried during venus retrograde. This aspect doesn’t bode well for marriage and generally makes a person have to “work hard” for their love. Well I guess the reality couple are definitely working hard at extending their 15 minutes of fame. I wonder how much the wedding photos will sell for? It sounds like another publicity stunt for Heidi and Spencer. Either way, we wish them the best and hope love works out for them the second time around.

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