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Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky who rejected Chris Lambton in the season finale, still seemed heartbroken in the After The Rose Ceremony. In a new interview, Lambton said it was painful to relive the break up, when Fedotowsky gave Roberto Martinez the final rose. Now that the show is over, is Lambton ready to start dating again? Of course what fans really want to know is he ready to find love again as the next Bachelor?

In new interview, Lambton says the Bachelorette experience has been surreal. The down to earth Cape Cod native puts family first and is looking for that special girl who shares the same values. How will he know he's in love this time? He says, "It's based on chemistry and gut feelings. When you meet a girl, it should be an instantaneous click. You should say, "Yep, I'm going to spend the rest of my life with this girl. I would do anything to be with her, I wanna be with her 'til the day she dies." It should just punch you in the side of the head ... This show did not make me a skeptic of love, it just made me realize I need to keep looking. Love is still out there for me, I just need to keep looking."  Will Chris Lambton find love if he becomes the next Bachelor?

Lambton born under the zodiac sign of Aries, is fiercely independent and full of passion. Affectionate and fun to be with, he needs to find a hometown girl who will enjoy the simple life. Astrologically the next two years will be a rollercoaster ride for him with lots of rainbows. If Lambton does decide to become the next Bachelor, hopefully ABC will do EXTRA EXTRA screening to keep the crazies out. The Bachelor announcement is expected to be made sometime in September. Stay tuned!

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