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How Ben Affleck broke her heart and details about her husband Marc Anthony

Jennifer Lopez opens up beyond musicJennifer Lopez in a revealing new Behind the Music interview, opens up her heart to discuss the emotional rollercoaster of  her career and love life. The Leo girl describes herself as the type of women who lives in the moment, impulsive and passionate, she’s in love with love. After two failed marriages, when she met Ben Affleck, she said she thought he was her Prince Charming.

Together, they were two Leos in love, both jockeying for the spotlight, who
loved to be the center of the attention. During the Behind the Music interview, you can see a tinge of regret in her face that the relationship didn’t work out. Bittersweet memories, Affleck and her had high hopes for the future and thought they would be together forever, at least that’s what Lopez thought.

What was most telling, was how the relationship fell apart. She said, Affleck was used to being the media darling, with her he wasn’t and he didn’t like it. A few days before their wedding, Affleck got cold feet and didn’t want to marry her. Of course, the rest is history and the Hollywood powerhouses broke up. Lopez admits that Affleck was the first man to really break her heart. Live and love…

Now, an older and wiser Lopez is  married to Marc Anthony, a down to earth Virgo. She said  after years of being apart, a chance meeting brought them back together. She said at 38, she found her soulmate with her man. What makes the marriage work she says, is they share similar upbringing and values. Anthony calls Lopez his muse and he considers himself one of the luckiest men in the world.

Together, they are better for knowing and loving each other. Definitely worth checking out. You can view video clips from Behind the Music at

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