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Chris Lambton Stalked by Fans in Cape Cod

Chris Lambton and Ali FedotowskyThis season, Bachelorette fans have fallen in love with Chris Lambton. The tall, blond and handsome landscaper, makes our hearts skip a beat and should pave the way for him to become the next Bachelor. That’s of course if Ali Fedotowsky decides not to pick him in the final rose ceremony. How crazy would that be?

The message boards have been buzzing with Bachelorette spoilers. Has Mike Fleiss recorded two Bachelorette endings, one where she gives Roberto Martinez the final rose or the other where she decides to stay single?  After all, Frank Neuschaefer broke her heart when he dumped her for his ex girlfriend Nicole. Where does that leave Lambton?

Lambton’s hometown of Cape Cod has been besieged by Bachelorette fans, one woman even flew all the way to Massachusetts with her daughter in tow, just because she thought they would make the perfect couple. Wow, poor guy already being stalked by crazy fans.

Lambton, an Aries guy,  is definitely a dude. He doesn’t bother with suits and ties, he owns a family landscaping business and he’s more comfortable in t-shirt and jeans. A former teacher, he loves kids and of course he loves his mom, who he lost to a serious illness a couple of years ago.  Lambton is mature, has a great sense of humor and is down to earth. What girl in America wouldn’t want a guy like him?  He’s incredible. In fact, a recent fan poll, over 80% of Bachelorette fans said they would like to see Lambton as the next Bachelor over Martinez - Astrochicks agrees.

There have been several Bachelorette spoilers on the web stating that in the end, Fedotowsky doesn’t pick Lambton. In fact, one magazine had the audacity to say  that Lambton has gone girl crazy since he got back to Massachusetts. That he’s been bringing home girls left and right. Seriously?  Neighbors and friends say not true. Chris is still the same guy he was before, also one revealing clue he told a friend saying “fans would understand why” Bachelorette Ali makes the choice she does. Was it because she was so heartbroken over Neuschaefer that she couldn’t choose anyone in the end? Maybe.

I think one Bachelorette fan summed it up best on Lambton’s Facebook page. She says, “Watching you this entire season, it’s safe to say America has fallen in love with you Chris Lambton. You are a true gentleman and speak from the heart. I wish you nothing but the best of luck in the future.”

Awww, well said. ABC would be a fool not to make him the next Bachelor. Stay tuned for AFTRC where they will make the next big announcement.

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