Bachelorette Ali Final Two Spoilers

Ali Fedotowsky interview tells all about her final two bachelors.

Ali Fedotowsky: The BacheloretteIn a new interview, Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky admits that Frank Neuschaefer, would have made it to the final two if he hadn’t have bailed on her during the fantasy date. After the fact, Fedotowsky believes that Neuschaefer never broke up with his girlfriend Nicole Caruso and was probably surprised to have made a connection with her. Also, she doesn’t hate Neuschaefer but thought he was selfish to do what he did.  We agree.

Bachelorette Ali states what she learned most from the show is what type of guy she should marry, which is Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton, versus the kind of guy she should only be friends with, Neuschaefer. During the video interview, she keeps referring to Martinez first, which alludes to the fact that maybe he’s the last man standing, if she chooses any guy at all. Also, she said it was awkward when the guys met her parents because she didn’t envision that they would have been the final two. Ouch! Would she have sent Lambton home and kept Neuschaefer instead? She also said although Neuschaefer would have made the final two, it would not have changed the ending of the show and she would have not picked him in the end. How does she know that?

Bachelorette Fedotowsky goes on to say that she’s happy with her decision and thankful for the experience. Also, when asked about Jake Pavelka and ViennaGirardi, she states she sympathizes with Pavelka and feels bad he lost his cool during the interview. Ali says she’s lost her cool in relationships before,  just like millions of other people have done in their own lives. Basically, fans shouldn’t be so hard on him.

Overall, a very cool interview and worth checking out. Click here to view. Enjoy!

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