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Bachelorette Ali gossip: does Frank leave Ali for ex-girlfriend?

This week,Bachlorette Ali we got to see the chemistry between Bachelorette Ali and Robert Martinez.  Ali is definitely infatuated with Roberto but are they creating the foundation for a short romance or a marriage for life?

She seems to have a connection with both Frank Neuschaefer and Roberto. While Roberto appears to be the real deal, Frank comes across as sort of sincere except he’s always hiding something. Ali doesn’t feel like she can trust him but she should trust her intuition, it never lies.

On the show, Bachelorette Ali comes across as insecure and not confident in love. Maybe this is because her former boyfriend cheated on her with her roommate. Ouch, that’s gotta hurt.

Astrologically, Astrochicks thinks Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is a Virgo. This would mean she needs to be a friend first with a guy before she finds love. Also, she wants her relationship to be “perfect,” she might even obsess on the guy, which could cause problems in romance. In this week’s episode, she seems distracted and focused on the hometown dates, not on the moment.

Bachelorette Ali needs a man in her life who can make her feel like a Princes 24/7. She needs constant love and attention but needs her independence as well. Is she ready to get married? I’m not so sure. She loves the attention, the fame, the fortune and may have fallen in love with the idea of a husband. On a maturity level, she might not be there yet to make that commitment. Which is okay.

According to spoilers and rumors, Bachelorette Ali’s final two is Chris Lambton and Roberto. The only reason why Frank doesn’t make it to the final two is because he chooses his ex girlfriend over Ali. He leaves Bachelorette Ali high and dry on the fantasy date… thanks Frank.

Some say Bachelorette Ali picks Roberto and other say she picks no one. Roberto is definitely a cutie, but I’m not sure if Roberto or Ali is ready to get married - they definitely could have a sweet romance though ;)

If Astrochicks had to choose, we would be on Team Chris Lambton. Hopefully, they will pick him as the next Bachelor. Stay tuned!

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