Bachelorette Ali: Who she chooses!

Bachelorette Ali is one step closer to choosing either Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton!

Bachelorette's Chris LambtonBachelorette Ali is one step closer to choosing either Roberto Martinez or Chris Lambton in the final rose ceremony. Or is she? According to various sources, Ali either picks Roberto or no one. What I do know is that Ali’s reason for leaving Jake’s season was a lie.  She wasn’t required to return to work, but I guess Mike Fleiss (producer of the Bachelor) made her an offer she couldn’t refuse … a six figure offer to star in the Bachelorette. Now Bachelorette Ali gets to choose between several cute guys and may end up choosing no one? Let’s hope they pick Roberto for Dancing with the Stars versus Ali.

If you’ve read today’s spoilers, it appears that Reality Steve believes that Ali chooses no one. Astrochicks is still not convinced, but we do believe that Ali did NOT choose Chris Lambton. Which hopefully means Chris is going to be the next Bachelor.

Today, I received a very interesting email on my Astrochicks “Crackberry”, stating that it is now between Chris Lambton, Roberto Maritnez, and Frank Neuschafer; I just about fell out of my chair! Frank Neuschafer? UGH! Sweaty Frank? What happened to Kirk and Craig R? According to my source, Kirk and Craig R are definitely out. How Frank ends up in the mix, I’m not sure.

Frank reportedly leaves Ali in the final four episodes. He decides to return to his ex girlfriend that “supposedly” he’s still madly in love with. Is this ANOTHER manufactured story by Mike Fleiss and ABC? If so, can they please hire a new storyline producer? These fake reasons why cast members have to leave the show are ridiculous.

Even, Star Magazine threw Frank under the bus this week; they stated he was NEVER interested in Ali. A source says, “Frank wants a screenwriting career, and he assured her that he was only going on The Bachelorette for the show business exposure,” a friend of Nicole tells Star. “This whole business about Frank wistfully longing for a former girlfriend seems like a sham. He and Nicole were rock-solid when he left for the show, and I believe they still are. He never had any interest in Ali.” If this is true, Frank can’t possibly be considered for the Bachelor unless he is pursuing fame and fortune.

My vote is for Chris Lambton as the next Bachelor. If they don’t choose him, I hope they will choose Roberto Martinez. Although Frank Neuschafer is on the level of Jason Mesnick, he has no romantic back story to carry the show. A sweaty screenwriter, who manages a retail store and is obsessed with Ali or some dude who wants to be a fake reality star looking to get an extra 15 minutes of fame.

Anyway, I expect more sources and rumors to surface over the next few months until ABC makes a choice.  Team Chris Lambton!

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