Bachelor Pad Secret Cast

New reality show will feature some past Bachelor favourites.

Bachelor Pad on ABCBachelorette Ali fans have something to look forward to after her season ends. The new reality show Bachelor Padscheduled to air August 9th will feature fan favorites from Jason Mesnick, Jillian Harris, Jake Pavelka and Ali’s season. Who’s the cast? According to an anonymous source that sent me a nice little email package, they were taken to an undisclosed location, went into hiding and started shooting on June 7th.

ABC originally chose 40 potential cast members to appear on the show. Each one had to take a blood and urine test to make sure they didn’t have any gnarly diseases. I guess they didn’t want anyone “spreading the love.”

Who will they feature on this season? According to the list I’ve seen, it’s guaranteed to have loads of sex and drama. Move over Big Brother and I Love Money, you definitely have some competition this season. It may only be seven episodes, but it will definitely keep the message boards buzzing. Of course, Chris Harrison will be hosting.

Here’s the partial list I have received. From Jake Pavelka’s season: Tenley Molzahn, Velsha Salvage, Elizabeth Kitt and Gia Allemand. From Jason Mesnick’s season: Natalie Gertz and Nikki Kappke. Also, David Good, Kiptyn Locke, Wes Hayden and Matthue Johnson from Jillian’s season. A random chick from season two, Gwen Giola and several other cast members from season six as well.  To top it off, it’s reported that a few guys from Ali’s season will be on the show as well. Crazy Craig McKinnon, who was absolutely hilarious and guaranteed to be the resident douche. Also, cry baby weatherman Jonathan Novak and Justin “Rated R” Rego who definitely would not miss out on free publicity. I’m surprised no former winners of past seasons like Deanna Pappas or Jesse Csincsak. What no Holly Durst or Michael Stagliano? Hopefully, the list is correct.

Reality Steve has his own list as well and I think if you put the two together, you will come close to the complete cast for this season of the Bachelor Pad.  I think the show will do well, fans will get a chance to see how former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members are in REAL life and no one has to fake anything. No one will care if you have a girlfriend at home, have to leave the show to go back to work, or if you’re a total jerk in real life. Of course, expect some hilarious drama and random hook ups.  Also, who will take the $250k home? My bet is Tenley Molzahn will make it far, she’s just too sweet.

For now, we will have to be satisfied with our picky Virgo, Bachelorette Ali’s boring season. Will she pick Chris Lambton or Roberto? Stay tuned!

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