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Will Chris Lambton, Craig Robinson, Kirk DeWindt or Roberto Martinez be the next Bachelor?

casting new Bachelor from Ali's Bachelorette Bachelorette Ali’s season isn’t even over yet but ABC is already casting for the new season of the Bachelor. Will Mike Fleisschoose choose one of Ali’s rejects from this season, or will he decide to choose a new Bachelor for next season? Astrochicks has the big scoop, according to a new source of ours; they have narrowed it down to four guys from Ali’s season. Sorry girls, we’re getting another recycled Bachelor.  A new and improved Jake Pavelka type!

Who is Astrochicks source? Well we all know how girls love to gossip. According to a lovely young lady who auditioned for the show, an ABC casting director told her the new Bachelor would be chosen from Ali’s season. In fact, they told her they have narrowed it down to Roberto Martinez, Chris Lambton, Kirk DeWindt, and Craig Robinson a Reality Steve lookalike. Why are they naming the final four? ABC casting wants to gauge each girl’s response over which Bachelor they would prefer as their potential hubby. A reality marketing survey I guess. So ladies who would you prefer to wake up next to each morning? Bachelor A, B, C, or D?  I guess Mike Fleiss doesn’t want to choose a Bachelor the girls might hate. Smart!

If my source is correct, which I definitely think she is, ABC isn’t even considering a new Bachelor.  Does this mean Ali chose no one in the final rose ceremony? Is this why Reality Steve hasn’t found out the final scoop yet?Or does it mean ABC doesn’t want to give away the show finale? Or does Mike Fleiss and ABC casting want to play it safe by naming all four, when in fact they are only looking at three of the four guys?

Personally, I don’t think they will pick Craig Robinson. As he has mentioned, he has a great bullshit detector, he would know immediately if the girl was looking for love or looking for fame. He’s a really cute guy but I don’t see him as Bachelor material.

Kirk DeWindt is pretty hot, he reminds me of Kiptyn Locke. He has the all American good looks but I don’t think they will pick him either. But I DEFINITELY think he might be in the second edition of Bachelor Pad. That guy definitely knows how to do make out scenes.

It has to be either Chris Lambton or Roberto Martinez. My guess is Ali chose Chris over Roberto. If that is the case Roberto will be the next Bachelor. If Ali chooses no one, Chris Lambton has the best story line after recently losing his mom and ABC might chose him instead. Also, Chris seems to have the best sense of humor and emotionally tugs at your heart.

Personally, AstroChicks is looking more forward to the new Bachelor season. I like Ali’s season but my favorite season has to be Tristan’s. No one can top Tristan and Ryan. The King and Queen of ABC. I will keep you posted on more spoilers as they unfold. Stay tuned.

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