Twilight | Edward and Bella’s Engagement Details

Fans can’t wait for Edward and Bella to get engaged in Eclipse, Twilight Saga’s newest movie, Eclipse, opening this June. Here are our predictions for Bella’s engagement ring.

Twi-hards are abuzz, all wondering about Bella and Edward's expected wedding engagement in Eclipse, the next instalment of the Twilight Saga.

Lori Pannia, Editor-In-Chief of, thinks Bella's perfect engagement ring will definitely be vintage, because the ring Bella receives is from Edward's mother. The novel describes a delicate gold band, sparkling diamonds and a long oval face.
Adamas: RS010
Our Adamas International Picks: What we love about these two looks is the accuracy; both have tons of sparkling diamonds, oval designs and gold accents just like the book describes. See More: Wedding Jewellery
Adamas: RS007
Our Tacori Picks: What we loved about these four Tacori rings is their vintage style and design. They are definitely rings that Elizabeth Masen (Edward Cullen's Mother) would have approved of.
See More: Wedding Jewellery
Tacori: FR808MY
Tacori: FR806MY
Tacori: FR811Y
Our Tiffany & Co. Picks: What we love about these three Tiffany & Co. engagement rings is their unique spin on the novel's description of the ring. The edgy designs would be a hit with Kristen Stewart on and off screen. See More: Wedding Jewellery
Paloma’s Zellige Ring
Jean Schlumberger Two Leaves Ring
Jean Schlumberger Lynn Ring
A wedding is around the corner for Bella and Edward, which wedding dress do you think she will wear?

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