Katy Perry and Russell Brand Wedding Rumours

Russell Brand and Katy Perry wedding, celebrity astrologer predicts a marriage that needs constant attention!

Katy Perry and Russell BrandRussell Brand and Katy Perry are planning their big wedding date for later this year. Katy Perry, who affectionately calls her hubby to be, Groomzilla, is looking forward to a non-traditional wedding. Russell Brand, just like a little school girl is excited about his big day. He’s even asked Ryan Seacrest to throw him a Bachelor party. Sweet, I wonder if there will be lots of American Idol karaoke.

In reviewing the cosmos, we asked Celebrity Astrologer Patty Kamson, to come up with the best day for Katy Perry and Russell Brand to tie the knot.  Keep in mind, if you astrologically choose to have your wedding date cast, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have the perfect marriage, but it does help to set up the energy for the best possible outcome.

After looking at the charts of Katy, a loyal Scorpio and Russell, a flirty Gemini, Patty Kamson would call their romance one that needs constant attention.  Based on the planets in their charts, they both instinctively operate life VERY differently, which means communication will be extremely important to keep this relationship blossoming and committed.

Word on the street is that Russell and Katy are looking at getting married towards the end of the year.  If that’s the case, Venus, the planet of love, is going to be retrograde from October 8th to November 17th.  You never want to get married when the planet of love is retrograde because that would mean Venus is withholding its love energy!  When getting married, you want the planet of love to be moving in full forward motion to share its gifts freely.

The best day in 2010 for Russell and Katy to get married would be December 3rd, 4th, or 5tt. In the meantime, you can catch Russell Brand on the cover of this week’s Rolling Stone. Also, don’t forget his hilarious new movie, Get Him to the Greek which premiered on June 3rd.

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