Heidi and Spencer Bitter Divorce

Heidi Montag and Spenser Pratt, celebrity astrologer predicts more divorce drama and struggle!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's divorce dramaIs Heidi Montag really done with Spencer Pratt? Will the dynamic reality duo hit divorce court or will they patch up their marriage? This week, Celebrity Astrologer Patty Kamson, reveals whether or not the stars will collide for the fame whoring Hills couple.

Heidi Montag is feeling the planetary power that is activating her chart right now.  Heidi is a Virgo with an Aquarius Moon, which can be co-dependent as well as rebellious.  Spencer is a Leo with a Scorpio Moon, which can be very controlling and manipulative.

If Heidi can get through this summer and not get caught up in her co-dependent tendencies, she has a great opportunity to make a brand new start as a single woman.  Saturn, the planet of lessons and maturity, is briefly dancing back into Heidi’s Sun sign of Virgo,  giving her one last opportunity to make some lasting changes. She also is experiencing a Jupiter return.  Jupiter returns happen every twelve years and can help attract great opportunities into Heidi Montag’s life.

Spencer was born with Venus, the planet of love, retrograde in his chart.  At some level,  Spencer feels he is not loved or worthy of love.  So he tests, manipulates, and controls the one he loves.  If Spencer Pratt chooses to seek help through counseling or spiritual work he can make big changes and recognize that he can love and be loved freely without such struggle.

Whatever love and marriage choices Heidi and Spencer choose to make, I wish them love and happiness on their journey! For your own astrology reading, you can contact Patty at

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