Jake and Vienna's Perfect Wedding Date

Celebrity astrologer picks the date when the bachelor should marry

The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka and his fiancée, Vienna Girardi danced their last dance on the Dancing with the Stars finale and now it’s time to start planning their wedding.  There has been much controversy with Vienna but Jake is standing firm with his love for her.

What does the future hold for the Bachelor couple’s astrologically? What would be the perfect date for these two lovebirds to get married?  Good question, so we asked Patty Kamson, Celebrity Astrologer to take a look at what the cosmos holds for Jake and Vienna in 2011.

Jake is a rebellious Aquarius and can fight for the one he loves.  Vienna is a flirty, chatty Gemini and can talk and manipulate her way into the heart of the one she loves. In traditional astrology, Aquarius and Gemini are a natural combination for love and friendship so they are ahead of the game in terms of compatibility.

When looking at good aspects for a 2011 wedding date for Jake and Vienna, the week of the Gemini New Moon eclipse on June 1st or June 3rd, 4th or 5th would be great days.  New Moon Eclipses are about grand beginnings and planting seeds of intention for what you want to grow in the coming months and years. And what’s even better is that Vienna is a Gemini and it’s her one New Moon for 2011. What a great day to start a new married life together!

Whatever day Jake and Vienna choose to get married next year it’ll be perfect for them! For more astrology predictions, visit Patty Kamson’s web site.  

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